Park Ji-won and Han Seung-hee became inseparable for 18 months.

Suwon KT Park Ji-won and Anyang KGC Han Seung-hee enlisted on the afternoon of the 15th through the Nonsan Army Training Center enlistment screening team. A total of 8 players who enlisted in Sangmu on the 15th will complete their military service for 18 months from the 15th and will be discharged on November 14, 2024.

Jiwon Park and Seunghee Han led Yonsei University for four years from 2017 to 2020. Now we are together for 18 months as a managing director. The two decided to move to Sangmu early on, but Park Ji-won just waited as Han Seung-hee had to play until the 7th game of the championship match.스포츠토토

Park Ji-won, whom I met before enlisting, said, “It’s a little dark (laughs), but I’m glad I went with Han Seung-hee. It’s not an easy experience, so I’ll think positively and do well. Before enlisting, Seunghee and I wanted to prepare a lot together, but it went all the way to the 7th match.”

Han Seung-hee “It’s very complicated. I ate jajangmyeon, but the rice didn’t go over well. I think I will think of my parents and home the most. You win and then enlist, but winning is winning, and reality is reality.”

Then, “(Park) Ji-won made fun of me by phone every day when he was playing the championship match. He went all the way to Game 7 and couldn’t help it. Just like I did well with support and university life, I will have a good time in the army. Since 1 year and 6 months is a short time for him, let’s get along well and get discharged quickly.”

Park Ji-won said, “We talked a lot about relying on each other. don’t worry too much I think it might be fun. The fact that he goes with Seunghee is fun in itself.”

To the fans, Park Ji-won said, “I told my friends not to come because it was far away, but the fans came so I’m really touched. Returning well seems to be the way to reciprocate. I won’t get hurt and I will come back nicely.”

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