Professional volleyball team Woori Card and OK Financial Group conducted a one-for-one trade. Woori Card traded its main setter Hwang Seung-bin and veteran outside hitter Song Hee-chae in a series of trades, sending out both its main attackers and setters.

On the 26th, OK Financial Group said, “We received outside hitter Song Hee-chae from the Woori Card Volleyball Team and executed a one-to-one trade for Song Myung-geun in the same position.”

With this, Song Hee-chae will return to her parent team after nearly 10 years. Song joined Russia & Cash, the predecessor of OK Financial Group, in 2013 and played for five seasons before moving to Samsung Fire. She then moved once again to Woori Card in a mega-trade that took place after the 19-20 season. She played as a senior member of the team with a solid defence.

Her regular season stats in the 22-23 season were 262 points in 31 games (104 sets), 49.01% attacking success rate, 0.38 blocks per set, 0.22 serves, and 36.42 receiving efficiency.

She was traded for Song Hee-chae and joined the Rush & Cash after the latter was drafted. He was a one-club man who stayed with the team for nine seasons until the 22-23 season, but that title was broken when he was traded this season.토토사이트

He was involved in a controversial incident in the 20-21 season when it was revealed that he was involved in school violence, and after a suspension for the remainder of the season, he was forgiven by his victim and returned to the team in July that year, before being released in January this year. His regular-season statistics for the 22-23 season were 112 points in 17 games (53 sets), with a 51.87 per cent attacking success rate, 0.19 blocking, 0.09 serving and 26.43 per cent receiving efficiency.

“With this trade, both teams have filled a need, with OK Financial Group adding stability to their team with an outside hitter and Woori Card looking to upgrade their offence with the addition of Song Myung-geun,” said a statement from OK Financial Group.

In particular, Woori Card has completely rebuilt its player farm this season by sending Na Kyung-bok and Hwang Seung-bin to KB Insurance, reacquiring Han Sung-jung who left the team, sending out Song Hee-chae and signing Song Myung-geun.

A representative from both teams said, “This is a trade that fills in the gaps in the team,” adding, “We would like to thank the departing players for their dedication and wish them well in their new teams.”

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