The Doosan Bears have taken an advantageous position in the 2023 KBO League, where the battle for tickets to the semifinals at the end of the season is fierce. Due to the nature of this season, where the flow changes frequently, there is no 100% guarantee, but there is a high probability that Doosan will take 4th place, with the gears of the pitching gears interlocking.온라인바카라

Unlike the defending champion SSG Landers, who are showing signs of fatigue, and the KIA Tigers, whose main gun Na Seong-beom is out for the season due to injury, there is no significant negative news for Doosan. Although ace Kwak Bin is missing during the Asian Games, the loss is less compared to SSG (Sung-Han Park and Ji-Hoon Choi) or KIA (Ji-Min Choi and Won-Jun Choi, etc.).

If the current trend continues during the Asian Games, Doosan is expected to secure 4th place. Since the situation is developing in Doosan’s favor, it has become important for Doosan not just to advance to the top 5 but also to show what kind of performance they have at the fall banquet. Unlike 5th place, which requires two consecutive wins in the wild card match to advance to the next stage, 4th place can look further afield.

In order for Doosan, whose objective power is inferior to that of the top teams, to achieve good results in the postseason, the bullpen must work hard. Doosan has had experience in the past advancing to the Korean Series thanks to the surprising performance of its bullpen. In the 2013 season, Myung-Jun Yoon showed good performance and contributed to the team’s advancement to the Korean Series, and in the 2015 season, Hyun-Seung Lee led the team to the championship by showing more than one inning of power.

A pitcher who can be expected to perform like these this season is Lee Young-ha. This is because Lee Young-ha, now in his 7th year as a professional, has a wealth of experience pitching in fall baseball and has recently recovered his pitching status. Lee Young-ha, who returned to the first team after June and slowly improved his standing, has continued his streak of scoreless runs in five games since September. He recently became a hot topic by throwing a fastball with a velocity of 155 km/h.

Although they have not yet regained the control they had in the 2019 season, when they won 17 games as a starting pitcher, it is reassuring for Doosan that a pitcher of Lee Young-ha’s caliber is holding on in the bullpen at this point when closing pitcher Jeong Cheol-won is showing poor performance compared to last year.

Also, it is worth noting that Lee Young-ha was originally a starting pitcher, not a professional bullpen pitcher. Lee Young-ha, who has the ability to handle innings, can play multiple innings in short games and play the role of a long man responsible for determining the game in the middle of the game.

Doosan, which is on the rise with 8 wins and 2 losses in the last 10 games, must make a plan not just to advance to the postseason but to prolong fall baseball as much as possible. Will Lee Young-ha, who has returned from school violence, be able to recreate the form that led the team to victory in the past? Doosan’s fate this fall depends on Lee Young-ha’s revival.

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