It is literally ‘full of favorable reviews’.

From ‘preference’ for a small number of people to ‘doubt’ to discuss practical value, there were many skeptical stories about the Asian quota system for the first V-League men’s division.

Considering the reality of the men’s rookie draft, where the employment rate exceeds 50%, there was no objection to the effort to expand the player pool. However, expectations fell further as China, which had received the most expectations, was excluded from the Asian quota and Indonesian players fell into problems with the national team right before the tryouts.

At first, the attention of the coaching staff of the seven teams who visited the Jeju site was only focused on Bayar Saihan and Eddy, two Mongolian youths who had experience in Korean volleyball. Some complained, “Isn’t this a one-time event newly established for two players whose naturalization was frustrated?” Although it produced star players such as Jeon Tae-pung and Lee Seung-jun, there were concerns that it might become like the mixed-race player draft of KBL, which was abolished after four years.

However, the minds of volleyball officials who watched the two-day men’s tryout in Jeju changed 180 degrees. Contrary to expectations, there is also a dark horse that will block Bayarsaihan and Eddie’s first pick. It is ambiguous to use it right away, but there are also promising players whose potential is highly evaluated.

There are already voices anticipating the next draft. The annual salary of an Asian quarter draft player is $100,000 (approximately 133 million won). While it is a relatively low price for the club, it is an opportunity for players from Asian countries to receive a salary that is more than twice as high as the current one. Agents are expected to become even busier.

There are no plans for a salary increase based on annual leave yet. However, there is a good chance that a salary increase will be introduced depending on the performance of the first draftees.

Through interviews on the 26th, the coaching staff of each team closely checked the attitudes and attitudes of the players involved in the draft, the situation surrounding each player such as the national team or military service, and the possibility of adapting to Korea. The practice game on the morning of the 27th was canceled. It was decided to ponder for the nomination to be held at 3:00 p.m.

The V-League can be a starting point to move toward a more global league. The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) expects this Asian Quarter Draft to reaffirm the star quality of the V-League, which was previously confirmed through international competitions such as the Challenge Cup, and to open the possibility of advancing such as broadcasting rights in the future. It is possible to create more substantial returns through market expansion. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

From the first day of the tryout, the word ‘three people are certain’ came out among various officials. On the 26th, it was changed to ‘It is important to be in the 4th place’. Rather than saying that there are four players to be nominated, it means that the realistic gap between the top four players and other players is not small. Some teams focus only on their target players, while others focus on players outside of the top four. Depending on the nomination order, there is a possibility that all seven teams will select a player.

Korean Air and KEPCO focused on Libero Ryohei Iga (Japan). The remaining 5 teams, including Hyundai Capital, Woori Card, OK Financial Group, KB Insurance, and Samsung Fire & Marine, seem to be more interested in Bayarsaihan and Eddie. In addition, Cai Feichang (Taiwan), the tallest middle blocker at 2m3, is also highly likely to be nominated.

Other than these, outside hitters Mark Espeho (Philippines), Liu Hongmin (Taiwan), Batsuri Batur (Mongolia), Apogee Issey Otake (Japan), and setter Lin Chien (Taiwan) are being discussed. In addition to these players, there are players with high potential, but club officials are reluctant due to difficulties in language communication or cultural differences.

The first Asian Quarter Draft will be held on the 27th at 3pm. A total of 70 marbles are distributed 10 each equally to all teams.

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