On the evening of the 28th, 1,000 foreign spectators caught the eye at the Munsu Soccer Stadium. The pronunciation was a bit awkward, but I enthusiastically cheered for Ulsan Hyundai, which is ranked first in the K-League 1.먹튀검증

They were workers from HD Hyundai Heavy Industries’ in-house subcontractors, and were of various nationalities, including Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and Sri Lanka.

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries organized this soccer viewing event to help foreign workers soothe their loneliness in a foreign country and adapt quickly while watching a soccer game. We provided support for all viewings, including game tickets, transportation, dinner, and souvenirs.

Yeokov (29), a worker from Uzbekistan who watched the game, said, “Watching the soccer game in person was thrilling and very fun, and it was even better being with my colleagues.” said.

Currently, there are about 2,600 foreign workers working at HD Hyundai Heavy Industries’ in-house partner companies, which is a great help in overcoming the manpower shortage in the shipbuilding industry.

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries established an in-house foreigner support center for the first time in the industry so that foreign workers can adapt well to life in Korea and company work. are doing

In addition, it provides dormitories for all foreign workers, operates a global diet, and holds various cultural events such as soccer matches and performances.

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