KU celebrates its 13th straight win to open the regular season.

KU won 91-64 against Konkuk University in the 2023 KSUF University Basketball U-League at Hwajung Gymnasium on Friday.

With Yonsei’s recent loss to Dankook University, KU had already clinched the regular season title. With the victory over KU, KU celebrated a dominant regular season victory.

“Today, we prepared a box and one defense to stop Cho Hwan-hee, so we tried to make it difficult for her to get the ball, and it worked well early on. We lost the ball in the serving area for the first time today, and I think that’s the reason why the score didn’t increase.”스포츠토토

Once again, KU was able to wear down its opponent with its excellent speed.

“We don’t play like a college team, but like a professional team, we prioritize defense, and then we play basketball that targets rebounds, fast breaks, and out-of-bounds situations, and then we shoot 3-pointers. I think that trifecta is a big thing. If any one of those three things goes well, we can make a difference.”

“Compared to last year, we were better organized. I think the players are more organized than last year, and they’re taking care of themselves and finding out what they need to work on. They’re always asking the coaches, and they’re always looking for things to improve. They work hard in the weight room. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a huge difference. If you do this here, you will naturally take care of yourself in the pros. And the communication between the players is good. They are filling in the gaps quickly and quickly,” he praised the players.

When asked about his goals for the rest of the season, Joo said, “MBC Varsity is going to focus on giving the first-year players a chance and improving their performance. There are regular matches in between, but I think they are rivalry matches, but in the end, they are friendly matches. I want the players to enjoy the regular matches more. The goal for 2023 is a gold medal at the national championships. I will focus on that.”

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