Competition for ranking unknown until the end of the season, which team will have a big smile through the weekend game?

▶Wonju DB vs Daegu Korea Gas Corporation
March 25th (Sat) 7pm @Wonju Gymnasium / SPOTV, SPOTV ON

– A miracle that seemed impossible turned into reality?
– Shake off regrets and aim for a kind of beauty
– Eagerness vs red pepper powder bag?

The possibility of DB’s PO entry, which seemed impossible, is growing little by little. This is because KCC lost 3 in a row while DB was on a 4-game winning streak. If DB wins all the remaining 3 matches and KCC loses both remaining matches, the last ticket for the PO train will be DB’s. In addition to Lee Seon Albano, who has been struggling since the beginning of the season, Kang Sang-jae and Kim Jong-gyu are struggling, and Dijon Davis also showed adaptation to the KBL stage. Can DB work miracles?

Before the opening, KOGAS was classified as a top-tier candidate in the league. Kim Nak-hyun left the team due to military service, but Lee Dae-seong, the league’s top scorer, joined to fill the void. In addition, reinforcements were made such as Jeong Hyo-geun, who returned from injury, Asia Quarter Sem Josef Belrangel, and Lee Dae-heon, who were in good health. But the results were disastrous. With 3 games remaining until the end of the regular season, they are in 9th place with 17 wins and 34 losses. Regardless of the results of the remaining matches, 9th place was confirmed. Contrary to expectations before the season, Gas Corporation tasted a bitter taste, but it should aim for the beauty of the end in the remaining three games.

The atmosphere of the two teams is almost opposite. DB is struggling to keep alive the hope of advancing to the PO, and is running on a 4-game winning streak. But it’s not a gas company. PO dropout was confirmed early, and chronic injuries of key players continue. It is a situation where they are unable to find a breakthrough, such as falling into a 4-game losing streak. Let’s see if DB, who has been united with earnestness, can continue its winning streak, or if KOGAS will turn into a red pepper powder corps and block DB’s path. 카지노사이트

Jo Sang-hyeon-ho’s LG is aiming to win the regular league championship for the first time in 9 years beyond the 2nd place defense. Of course, it is a possible scenario when KGC loses all remaining games, but LG succeeded in improving its constitution in one season. LG, who averaged 37.3 rebounds (2nd in the league) and 7.5 steals (1st in the league) for the season, gave up only 76.4 points per game, leading the league in this category. It is worth paying attention to whether LG, which is in the top ranks with salty defense and active rotation, can be the final winner.

The word defeat has long since disappeared from the SK dictionary. After EASL, they reaped all wins in 7 games and chased the leader to the bottom of the chin. Choi Jun-yong’s comeback is delayed, but Kim Seon-hyung and Jameel Warney are making up for it for ten minutes with one-two punches. But there are also concerns. Due to the flow of the close game and the aftermath of the overtime game, Kim Seon-hyeong and Warney digested an average of 35 minutes and 28 seconds and 36 minutes and 54 seconds in 7 games, respectively. Of course, the burden of physical strength is bound to increase. For SK, which is aiming for a back-to-back championship, to do well in the PO, there will be no better scenario than going straight to the semifinals.

A spot in the direct PO ticket for the semifinals was confirmed early by KGC. LG and SK are fighting fiercely for the remaining spot. After playing against KT on the 25th (Sat), LG, which has to play a back-to-back match, is in second place with 34 wins and 17 losses, and SK is in third place with 34 wins and 18 losses. On the other hand, the head-to-head record this season is 3 wins and 2 losses, with LG slightly ahead. Which team will be able to grab the ‘VIP ticket’ of going directly to the semi-finals PO with a sweet victory?

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