The fight for 6th place, where the direction is unknown, there is no team to be relieved of and no team to give up.

▶Wonju DB vs Jeonju KCC
February 25th (Sat) 2:00 PM @Wonju Gymnasium / SPOTV

-‘5 consecutive losses’ DB, savior appearance?
-Resurrecting Lee Seung-Hyun, Knight Resurrection KCC
-The suffocating semifinal war, catch your opponent

DB, who started with Hyundai Mobis on January 7th (Sat), the managerial debut of acting manager Kim Joo-seong, recorded 5 wins and 2 losses in the first 7 games. has suffered a loss in their last five matches. Unfortunately, after replacing the first option foreign player, he is suffering from 5 consecutive losses. Dewan Hernandez’s replacement, Malcolm Thomas, has been sluggish this season averaging 4.2 points and 4.8 rebounds. 2 option foreign player Lenard Freeman was also fatal because he was not the type of player who could lead the team to victory. Meanwhile, good news is expected to come to the DB in crisis. The return of DB aces Doo Kyung-min and Kang Sang-jae is imminent. Let’s see if the two key players can save the team from the crisis.

KCC, which suffered a period of stagnation such as the successive injuries of Lee Seung-hyun and Heo Woong, the main players of the team, and the departure of Ronde Hollis Jefferson, was recording 1 win and 9 losses in 10 games until the match against SK on the 23rd (Thu). However, Lee Seung-hyun regained his condition after returning from injury. Lee Seung-hyun played the court for 38 minutes and 8 seconds in the last game, scoring 16 points and 5 assists. Under-the-goal partner Laguna also eased the burden and increased efficiency with a double-double (22 points and 15 rebounds). Although Heo Woong’s long-term injury is expected, KCC’s goal is expected to become stronger with Lee Jong-hyun, who was recruited through a trade, and Dion Thompson, a foreign player with a second option.메이저사이트

This season, the battle for 6th place is particularly fierce. The gap between KCC in 6th place and KOGAS in 9th place is only 3.5G. DB, who is in 8th place by 1.5G with KCC, has 13 games left, the most among 10 teams. It means that it is too early for any team to be relieved or give up. On the other hand, the opponent record of both teams is 3 wins and 1 loss, and DB has the upper hand. When only KCC met, DB’s scoring power exploded. However, KCC broke the losing streak in the previous game and succeeded in reversing the atmosphere, and DB is still mired in a losing streak. It is necessary to pay attention to which team will show more earnestness for the 6th place, with the offensive power of the DB that gets hotter when only KCC meets, and the heightened KCC.

▶Anyang KGC vs Daegu Korea Gas Corporation
February 26th (Sun) 2:00 PM @Anyang Indoor Gym / SPOTV, SPOTV ON2

– No. 1 spot that can not be reassured, support fire is needed
– ‘Convenience of telephone’ Gas Corporation, 1st place team Challenge for 3 consecutive wins against the opponent
– Round 2 VS Round 4, Pride Showdown between MVPs

KGC’s momentum, which had 10 victories in a row, collapsed. Last match against SK (19th) was a blow. Byun Jun-hyung, Lens Abando, Moon Seong-gon, Oh Se-geun, and Omari Spellman’s backup team’s support shots were insufficient. The five starters combined for 77 points, but the bench scored only 2 points, and among the bench members, except for Park Ji-hoon, Han Seung-hee, and Daryl Monroe, no players stepped on the court. The only worry for the leading KGC is the bench scoring. KGC’s bench score is meager enough to stay at the bottom with an average of 20.0 points among 10 teams. In order for KGC to dominate the regular league, EASL, and even PO, support fire to support the main lineup must be revived.

KOGAS took a breather by winning the previous two games in a row. After its establishment, it fell into a 9-game losing streak, the most, but succeeded in reversing the atmosphere by capturing Samsung and KCC in a row. KOGAS, which saved the fire of the PO in the 6th round, challenges the 3rd consecutive win against the leader KGC. The season record is behind with 2 wins and 3 losses, but if you look at the contents of the game, they played on an equal footing in every game. Both assists and fast attacks are recording better numbers than KGC, and the bench members’ support shots were also reassuring. Let’s pay attention to whether KOGAS, which is in 9th place, can beat the leader KGC and raise the fire for the semifinals through 3 consecutive victories.

Regardless, the aces of both teams this season are Byun Jun-hyung and Lee Dae-seong, respectively. They are the players who are responsible for the front line of each team and have explosive scoring power. As a dual guard representing KBL, Byun Jun-hyeong won the 2nd round and Lee Dae-seong won the 4th round MVP. The two aces showed a hotter performance when they met each other. Byun Jun-hyung recorded an average of 18.6 points and 3.8 assists against the gas construction this season, and Lee Dae-seong posted an average of 17.2 points and 5.2 assists against KGC. It seems that the team’s win or loss will depend on the performance of the two aces.

▼ Weekend schedule for the 4th week of February

February 25th (Sat)
Wonju DB-Jeonju KCC (Wonju)

February 26th (Sun)
Anyang KGC-Daegu KOGAS (Anyang)

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