“We were lucky, and I felt it was a sign to go up.”

Chungnam Asan defeated Seongnam FC 2-0 in the 16th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at the Yi Sunshin Sports Complex at 6.30pm on the 3rd. With the win, Chungnam Asan moved up to ninth place with 18 points. Seongnam remained in seventh place.

In the first half, Chungnam Asan dominated the battle in the centre of the pitch but failed to create any chances. Then, Kim Seung-ho scored to give them the lead. At the start of the second half, Seongnam made a midfield change and struggled, but did not concede a goal. The fact that a penalty kick (PK) was cancelled in the second half was a boost for Chungnam Asan.메이저놀이터

Substitute Lee Gum-yeol scored to widen the gap. After the goal, Chungnam Asan gained momentum and put pressure on Seongnam, who were in a hurry. The game ended with a 2-0 victory for Chungnam Asan.

Final verdict

It was a difficult situation. The players’ will and preparation were really good this week. We were able to show that on the pitch and get the win. I was particularly pleased with the understanding of the tactical changes, and it was good to keep a clean sheet. We won all the games without sending offs (based on the second round robin). I wish we had more cohesion. In the long run, I hope we can push for a higher ranking. I hope we can use today as an opportunity to become a united team.

Congratulations to Kim Seung-ho for scoring his debut goal and to Lee Kom-yeol for scoring after a long time. It’s positive to have multiple players scoring goals. It’s not just about one player scoring, it’s about the energy of the team. I hope it continues.

  • Rubber Yul finally scored a goal.

I’m sure he feels better than I do. She must have felt that she had put in a lot of effort and preparation, but her body didn’t respond as well as her mind. I hope he will continue to be a player we can look forward to with his goal today, and I hope he will continue to shine as a better player.

  • You beat Seongnam in a midfield battle, how did you prepare?

We tried to increase the number of midfielders to gain an advantage in the midfield battle. Fortunately, it was good and it paid off. We had a PK situation and saw VAR twice, but luckily it was cancelled. We had a lot of luck. I felt like it was a sign to go up. I got a lot of income in different ways.

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