Hanwha pitching coach José Rosado, a two-time major league all-star, calls fourth-year right-handed pitcher Nam Ji-min (22) “Otani Junior.” Like Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who throws a 160km fastball, the potential of Nam Ji-min is high. 

Coach Rosado said of Nam Ji-min after finishing the season last year,바카라사이트 “He played well in his first comeback season after Tommy John surgery. He has confirmed his great potential, and it is important to remain steady in the future,” he said. He had a fastball that was above league average. He has the elements to become a big player, such as the slider and splitter, and even the breaking ball,” he praised. 

Nam Ji-min, who graduated from Busan Information High School as a youth representative, joined Hanwha in the 8th overall in the 2nd round of 2020. He received an elbow ligament joint and bone fragment removal surgery in August 2020, and after a year of rehabilitation, he got a chance to start last year. He recorded 2 wins, 11 losses and an average ERA of 6.37 in 22 games (89 innings) for the first team. Although the record itself was not good, he was not envious of any other pitcher on the day when he was scratched with a fastball of 153 km. 

Nam Ji-min, who is competing as a full-time selection candidate in the spring camp, did live pitching on the 16th (hereinafter Korean time) at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA, with a batter standing up. He threw 20 balls as a pre-game training step. He used a slider, curveball, and forkball, including a fastball with a maximum speed of 149 km. 

Nam Ji-min said, “Overall, I am satisfied. I didn’t get used to it in the beginning, but it got better from the middle as I gradually got control. I will supplement it so that it can be good from the beginning,” he said.

Nam Ji-min and right-hander Han Seung-ju, who joined the team, also conducted 20 live pitches that day, throwing up to 147km fastball, two-seam, slider, and changeup. Han Seung-joo said, “I am satisfied with my first live pitching. The ball went where I wanted it to be, and the pitch was good, and the pitch was not bad. I will make up for it to become sharper than I am now,” he said. 

Han Seung-joo, who won the Futures League starting rotation last year, showed potential in the first team at the end of the season. On September 25, he had a good fight with 2 runs in 5 innings against Doosan in Jamsil. He was selected for the 1st team spring camp as a reserve selection resource this year as well, and is competing. 

In addition, Moon Dong-ju, who is expected to start his first full-time season, also tested his fastball, slider, curve, and changeup by throwing 20 pitches through live pitching. He threw up to 151 km during bullpen pitching earlier, but on this day, he did not measure his speed. Moon Dong-ju said, “I gave up a straight walk against the first batter. It was the first live pitching that I was not satisfied with,” he said. “I will continue the camp with more concentration, thinking that time will solve it. 

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