Jack Greinke (40, Kansas City Royals),스포츠토토 the ‘geeky pitcher’ in the major leagues, was excited for a while. He was good at his chances of getting to bat with the bat. 

Greinke started against the Philadelphia Phillies on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time) and collapsed with 7 hits (2 home runs), 4 strikeouts and 5 runs in 4 innings and 12 losses (1 win) of the season. His earned run average rose from 5.32 to 5.53. 

After suffering eight consecutive losses against the Chicago White Sox on May 20, he became the pitcher with the most losses in the American League (AL) along with fellow teammate Jordan Lyles. The team, which is the last in the Central Division of the American League with 36 wins and 77 losses (.319 win rate), is weak, but Greinke’s ability to overcome bullying is also not the same as before. It is a rough last year for a pitcher with a career of 224 wins who is likely to retire at the end of this season. 

However, there was a moment in the game that gave Greinke a thrill. Catcher Salvador Perez suffered an injury after being hit with his left hand by an opposing pitcher’s ball in the second inning, and pitcher Greinke entered Perez’s plate in the third as designated hitter Freddy Fermin wore a catcher’s mask. 

In the fourth inning, with Kansas City trailing 4-5, Greinke’s turn could come to bat. When Greinke became second out and first base, he put on a helmet and swung a bat to prepare for a hit, but the inning ended when front batter MJ Melendez was grounded out on first base. 

Greinke, who took off his helmet and batting gloves, got back on the mound and pitched up to the fourth inning before being replaced. Although the number of pitches was only 59, Edward Olivares, a pinch hitter, stood at bat in the 5th inning lead hitter Greinke. 

According to ‘MLB.com’, Kansas City manager Matt Quatraro said, “It was a game by one point. We had to use a pinch hitter to create scoring opportunities. Greinke also understood. I wanted to see him hit, but we had to take a chance to win.” 

Greinke ranks third among active pitchers with nine career home runs. His total stolen bases are 9, which is second only to Greg Maddux among all-time pitchers. Greinke, who is a pitcher but enjoys hitting and running, lost the opportunity to stand at bat as the National League introduced the designated hitter last year. 

Greinke, whose last hit was in September 2019 when he was a member of the Houston Astros, said, “I was excited to hit for the first time in a long time.” “Every change in baseball over the past few years has been disappointing to me. Had the defensive shift continued today, I could have made a few more outs. He could have batted and hit. There are a lot of really disappointing changes.” 

Under the system of Commissioner Rob Manfred, the major leagues are constantly attempting changes by changing several baseball rules for speed-up and thrilling games. As both major leagues use designated hitters, opportunities for pitchers to hit have disappeared, and shifts to all-out defense have been banned from this year. Greinke, a veteran pitcher who debuted in 2004 and turned 20 this year, does not seem to be happy with this change.

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