There is no more brutality for batters outside of LG.

Austin Dean (30), who leads the all-time LG batting line at the beginning of the season, has a batting average of 0.351 (3rd), 47 hits (3rd), 28 RBIs (2nd), 21 runs scored (9th) and 4 home runs (11th) in 35 games as of the 15th. Top) Ranked in the top ranks in all categories, including on-base percentage of 0.396 (9th), OPS of 0.889 (6th), and wRC+ 165.5 (7th). He is different from ordinary foreign hitters who struggle with Korean pitchers’ breaking balls with their accurate contact skills.

He not only has good skills, but also has good sociability, so he communicates freely with his teammates as well as other team players. He approaches his teammates first and bet on them, always putting positive energy into the team.카지노사이트

There is something that Austin always carries before a game. Prior to the match against Kiwoom on the 11th, Austin revealed his secret. On the ground for his batting drill, Austin pulled a small bottle from his pocket. Hitting coach Lee Ho-joon and Hong Chang-ki were curious about the disease, which they had never seen before, and asked Austin, “What is it for?” Coach

Lee Ho-jun and Hong Chang-ki frowned as soon as they put their noses to each other and were surprised to step back. It was a strong ammonia scent that smelled like fermented skate that even the reporter watching from afar smelled. Puzzled, he sniffed again, saying, “I like it.”

Austin, who smelled the smell of ammonia that pierced his nose, calmed down and started training seriously, and led his team to victory by hitting the final blow in the game that day.

Austin, who has become an indispensable player for LG by continuing his hitting streak in every game, is the main character who made LG completely forget about the cruelty of foreign hitters. The dark days of LG’s foreign batters, which led to James Ronnie, Adonis Garcia, Tommy Joseph, Justin Bohr, Rio Ruiz and Mabel Garcia, are over.

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