When KT outfielder Bae Jeong-dae (28) was embroiled in the controversy over ‘school violence’, he first expressed his position. She apologized after revealing that she used violence at the direction of her seniors in the process of giving a group spirit to her juniors while in high school. It is very unusual for a player who has been designated as the ‘perpetrator’ to disclose the facts first.스포츠토토

On the 17th, Bae Jeong-dae said on his social media, “In the 2012 training camp in Taiwan, when I was a sophomore at Seongnam High School, there was a group teasing ceremony led by seniors in the third year, and I, the captain of the sophomore year, gave a teasing to the juniors in the first year. He hit me in the butt three times with a bat.” He continued, “I apologized to my juniors, and after that, I did not use any violence or abusive language. He wrote, “I sincerely reflect and regret that I accepted the bad habits that came down to the athletic club without criticism.” “I tried to apologize to the publisher (who posted the assault-related article on the Internet) and respond to the request for compensation, but an agreement could not be reached. In the future, he will contact the person concerned through his agent.”

Since the beginning of this year, Bae Jeong-dae has been requesting an apology and agreement from Mr. A, who was one of the first-year juniors who were cheered up at the time. Mr. A initially contacted the KT club, not the assigned unit, and the club officials tried to mediate, but could not solve it. Then, Mr. A recently reported the damage through the Internet.

In 2012, 11 years ago, Bae Jeong-dae, who was the second-year captain of the Seongnam High School baseball team at the time, received a group spirit from the third-year students along with his second-year classmates during a field training in Taiwan. Then, under the direction of the 3rd year, he gave a group spirit to the 1st year as the 2nd year captain. He admitted to hitting his butt three times with a bat.

However, Mr. A is claiming that in addition to the ‘three hips’ at the time, “I asked him to stop and he hit my stomach with a fist.” This is the core of the claim called ‘academic violence’. The assignment team denies this part. Regarding Mr. A’s claim, according to the memories of many of his motives and juniors who were in the baseball team at the time, the senior who used a fist was another 2nd year classmate. Bae Jeong-dae apologized to his juniors after finishing the ceremony at the time. He regrets the part where he couldn’t muster up the courage to reject the instructions of his seniors in the third year and hit the juniors.

However, he asserts that he has never punched or emotionally assaulted a specific junior rather than a group spirit. As a result of a close investigation after Mr. A contacted the KT club, they received statements like this from players who were cheered together as first-year students at the time.

Recently, there have been many cases of controversy in the sports world as well as professional baseball as past history of school violence was revealed. There are some athletes who were actual perpetrators of abuse, not at the customary level of the sports club, but there are quite a few cases that are difficult to classify as abuse in common sense. Doosan pitcher Lee Young-ha was found not guilty after a long court battle. If what Bae Jeong-dae and the people around him say is true, it is true that he was beaten during a group fight and there was someone who was beaten, so it is true that there was an act of violence, but there is much room for controversy as to whether this can be described as ‘abusive violence’ in terms of social norms.

After suffering from Mr. A’s constant and unreasonable demands with the KT club for several months, he first disclosed the fact that he hit his juniors with a bat through social media. Although he regrets the act itself according to the instructions of his seniors, he is in a situation where he has revealed it himself to avoid being dragged into an agreement by becoming a ‘perpetrator of school violence’ after being accused of fist violence that he did not do.

It is said that Mr. A recently reported the assignment to the KBO Clean Baseball Center. The KBO confirmed the facts to the club and conveyed its position that it was not a matter to take special action because it did not happen after his professional debut.

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