A truly devastating super match is coming.

The final super match of the regular round takes place between Suwon Samsung and FC Seoul. The stage is the 29th round of K League 1 held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 2nd. Suwon will seek to lay the foundation for escaping the relegation zone, while Seoul will attempt to leapfrog back to third place following the change of coach. Suwon is in 11th place with 22 points, and Seoul is in 6th place with 40 points.스포츠토토

The losing team literally suffers fatal injuries. This is because both teams have not been in a good situation recently. Depending on the results of this game, Suwon may have to maintain an uneasy one-point gap without being able to widen the gap with Gangwon FC, who are at the bottom of the league. Seoul falls to Final Group B (lower split). Given that it is the result of losing a rivalry game, aftereffects are inevitable.

For Suwon, led by coach Kim Byeong-soo, it is important to turn the atmosphere around. Their recent performance is not bad, with 3 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses. However, in the most recent game away to Gwangju FC, they suffered a crushing 0-4 defeat. Suwon’s 0-4 defeat was two years since the Jeonbuk Hyundai match in 2021. The performance in both offense and defense was not good, with the number of shots falling far behind at 6-14. 

For Suwon, it is important to see how quickly the greatly weakened atmosphere can be changed. If they lose to Seoul, the gap with last place Gangwon will remain at 1 point. The burdensome situation of falling to the bottom with just one round of results continues. Moreover, Suwon has lost both previous super matches, so there is no place for them to retreat. If they lose again this time, it will be the first time they have lost all of their head-to-head matches since the introduction of the three-game regular round head-to-head system.

Seoul, where acting manager Kim Jin-gyu is at the helm, has a more positive atmosphere recently than Suwon. Although they were undefeated for 6 consecutive games (4 draws, 2 losses), they ended up drawing 2-2 in the first game under Kim Jin-gyu’s administration, against leaders Ulsan Hyundai. In particular, the players received favorable reviews for showing the fighting spirit that Assistant Manager Kim emphasized throughout the game.

As a result, an equalizing goal was scored, but the failure to maintain the momentum of the first half in the second half remained a challenge. In a lead situation, the players themselves lowered the line and brought on a crisis. If Seoul wins the super match, it could rise to 3rd place, but if it draws or loses, it could fall to 7th place. If you are pushed out of the Final A group, which you had been holding on to throughout the season, due to a loss in a rivalry game, the atmosphere will shake out of control.

The match is expected to be explosive. Considering the styles of the two teams, it could literally lead to a ‘bloody fight’. Suwon has a lot of fouls and collisions, ranking in the mid-to-upper league. Seoul’s style also changed drastically as per the wishes of acting manager Kim Jin-gyu, who said, “I was dissatisfied with the quiet play.” Although the special nature of the super match is added, the atmosphere can become overheated. The key is which team can maintain their cool and focus in a fierce competition atmosphere. There is a high possibility that cards, etc., will emerge as variables.

Suwon’s key midfielder Ko Seung-beom is likely to miss the game due to a forehead injury, and Kim Joo-chan is also excluded due to being called up to the U-22 national team. Kwon Chang-hoon is accelerating his return, but his participation is uncertain. Seoul must overcome the variable of missing four players, including Kim Shin-jin, Lee Tae-seok, Baek Jong-beom, and Baek Sang-hoon, from being called up to the national team. With Ji Dong-won recently returning and showing his presence, the team is preparing to return to Serene Island, so the performance of veterans is important. 

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