SSG Landers 4th hitter Han Yu-seom finally showed signs of revival.

SSG won 3-1 in the home game against Kiwoom Heroes held at Incheon Stadium on the 21st. It is their 2nd consecutive win after escaping 4 consecutive losses. ‘Ace’ Kim Gwang-hyeon won the start with 1 run in 6 innings in the return match after recovering from an injury, and the team also won and succeeded in rebounding the mood.

The most outstanding hitter in the lineup is Hanyu Island. On this day, Hanyu Island started as the 5th right fielder and recorded 3 hits and 1 RBI in 4 at-bats. In the first at-bat, he was silent with a bum hit, but at the bottom of the 4th inning, which was 0-0, Hanyu-seom, who faced Kiwoom starting pitcher Ariel Furado in the 2nd out 1st and 2nd base chance, hit a timely one RBI hit in front of the left fielder. 토토사이트

Hanyu-seom, who added a single in the third at-bat, hit a double against Yang Hyun in the last at-bat in the 8th inning. Even after the start, it is meaningful that he not only attacked but also hit a long hit against the opponent’s bullpen.

This is the first long shot of the season. It’s the first time I’ve hit a double, not a single. He hasn’t even hit a home run yet. Hanyu Island suffered a severe blow after the opening of the 2023 season. Prior to this game, his season performance was only 5 hits in 35 at-bats. His batting average dropped to 1/2 9 li, then rose to 2/5 after 3 hits.

As the results were not coming out, the coaching staff also adjusted the batting order of Hanyu Island. He usually came out as a built-in 4th hitter, but even came down to bat 6th and 7th to ease the pressure.

When asked by the reporters if there was any change in Hanyu Island’s batting style, manager Kim Won-hyeong cautiously replied, “Actually, during spring camp, Yoo Somei said he wanted to change his batting form. But it seems that he is still in the stage of establishing himself.” .

It is very meaningful that Hanyu Island finally scored three hits. It is also a sign of resurrection. It’s a change in batting form that I chose to reduce the burden on my lower body, but it’s still early in the season, so I need more time to adapt. Even in such a situation, he can be confident because he has produced results.

From the perspective of SSG, the role of Hanyu Island is very important. Hanyu Island, which achieved a “career high” with 41 home runs in the 2018 season, has achieved results as a central hitter for two consecutive years with 31 home runs in the 2021 season and 21 home runs last year. In particular, there is an expectation for his long hitting.

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