Incheon United successfully completed the ‘everything’ ceremony.토토사이트

The Incheon club announced on the 20th that it had successfully completed the 20th anniversary ceremony for the 2023 season at the IGC Global Campus Auditorium in Songdo, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon on the 19th.

At the opening ceremony, which is a place to meet fans before the season, 1,800 seats were sold out, and it was the largest scale ever with so much interest. It was even more meaningful to hold the launch ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the club’s founding four years after COVID-19. Before the start of the event, fans and players breathed together by operating autograph sessions and photo zones. 

Afterwards, the main ceremony started with the introduction of guests, greetings from the owner Jeong-bok Yoo, mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City, and congratulatory remarks by Jong-deuk Kim, chairman of the Incheon Metropolitan City Council, followed by greetings from manager Cho Seong-hwan and the team, greetings from new players, a speech at Vision 2033, Sand Art live performance, announcement of new season uniforms, A meaningful and colorful time for skinship with fans was held, including the appointment ceremony for the captains, introduction of the club’s social contribution activities, muffler group performance commemorating the 20th anniversary of the founding, talent show and quiz event for the players, and Q&A.

In particular, on this day, CEO Jeon Jeon-soo of the Incheon club announced ‘Vision 2033’ to present the next 10 years in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the foundation.

CEO Jeon emphasized three values ​​under the vision slogan of ‘Break Through the Limits’. ▲Sports value through victory, championship, and talent development ▲Business value through sales and profit creation ▲Social value through CSR and coexistence of related regions.

In addition, ▲systematic operation of a data-based team ▲organization of a fan-centered organization such as data analysis experts to develop fan-centered products and services ▲expanding contributions to the local community of Incheon through various CSR activities targeting Incheon citizens and discovering and nurturing talent in the data field It was announced in front of fans that it would overcome the structural limitations of the Korean professional sports market and civil clubs and move forward as a prestigious club.

Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok, who attended the event, said, “The Incheon United professional football team of citizens has become an adult at the age of 20. Now, the Incheon club will move toward the top, not stay. That’s right. Incheon football is the joy and pride of the citizens, and the driving force of life. I want to create victory together with the citizens. We will make a history of amazing change together.”

CEO Jeon also said, “We were able to recruit great players thanks to the active support of owner Jeong-bok Yoo. Rather than spending a lot of money on recruiting players, it is necessary to create a structure in which we can grow. I want to create a virtuous cycle by growing the club, and I want to break through the limits of a citizen team and become a prestigious club. I want to make Incheon fans happy. I want to design a future that suits the citizens’ pride in Incheon, a world-class city and a future growth engine. ” he replied.

On the other hand, after completing the winter training, the team enters the clubhouse Incheon United FC Soccer Center, which opened in December 2022, and trains in Incheon before playing the opening game of the 2023 season at the FC Seoul expedition on the 25th.

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