1m97 tall striker Boot Verhost (30, Manchester United) made a nest in Manchester United on a six-month lease in the transfer market last winter. The original team is Burnley, the second division.

Coach Eric ten Haag, also from the Netherlands, transfused Verhost in the absence of a striker. But he is driving controversy.

In the English Premier League (EPL), the witch has not yet reported a goal. He scored two goals in total, one each in the Europa League and League Cup. 메이저놀이터

On the 6th of last month (hereinafter Korean time), he was at the center of criticism even in the 0-7 defeat to Liverpool. When entering the game before the game, it was controversial that a scene was filmed touching ‘This is Anfield’ as if it were a Liverpool player. Manchester United fans complained strongly that they fought 10-12 from the beginning.

Manchester United are looking to sign Harry Kane (Tottenham) or Victor Osimen (Napoli) in the summer transfer window. However, it may be ‘Hope Torture’, but director Ten Hach vomited his still faith in Verhost.

Manchester United will play the 29th round of the EPL with Newcastle at 0:30 on the 3rd. “I think Verhost is doing really well in many aspects of football,” Ten Hag said before the game against Newcastle. He is good at positioning. He moves well and creates space well. He is also great at set pieces. He contributes a lot to the team.”

Verhost has two more years left on his contract with Burnley, who are running top in the Championship. He is aiming for a full transfer to Manchester United through his loan performance.

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