Suwon Samsung, the’lowest’, is awkward, but two months of the 2023 season have passed in this state. 

Suwon, who failed to win even one match, replaced the head coach. All that remains is a desperate struggle for survival. You have to fight with any tactic or strategy.

Suwon announced through a press release on the 4th that “Suwon Samsung has appointed Kim Byung-soo as the 8th manager.” The contract period is until the end of December 2024. 

Suwon said, “As the conditions for the next manager to overcome the crisis of despair, the club set ▲football philosophy based on his own playing style ▲communication with the players ▲ability to respond to the game, and decided that coach Kim Byung-soo was the right person to overcome the crisis. did,” he explained. 

In addition, “Director Kim presented the most active will and detailed details in analyzing the current team problems and presenting solutions,” clearly revealing his will to retain Suwon, which is currently at the bottom. 

Suwon is currently at the bottom with 2 draws and 8 losses without a win in 10 matches. Jeju (4 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses, 14 points) and Gangwon (2 wins, 4 draws, 4 losses, 10 points), which had no wins together, went on a winning streak in an instant and started to remain in the opposite atmosphere. 

After the resignation of manager Lee Byung-geun, Suwon suffered three consecutive defeats in the system of acting coach Seong-yong Choi. Of course, it is said that they faced strong teams such as Seoul and Pohang, but the previous defeat in Daegu showed the reality of Suwon. Even after leading the game, the collapsed air-defense balance ultimately decided the win or loss. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Coach Kim Byung-soo, chosen by Suwon, was in the limelight as a genius midfielder when he was a player, but after retiring due to a chronic injury, he built a reputation as a leader again. 

While coaching Yeungnam University, he was recognized for his leadership by winning many championships and nurturing and producing many top-notch players in the K-League. After being coached by E-Land in Seoul, he dominated the game based on passing and possession of the ball through numerical superiority in Gangwon, where he was appointed in 2018, and created a new wind called ‘Byeongsu Ball’. 

However, Suwon is different. Suwon is a club that is on a different level from Seoul E-Land and Gangwon in terms of size, popularity, and attention. In addition, the situation is also the worst, so we have to escape from the relegation zone, and above all, one win is urgent.

It is unknown whether coach Kim’s proud ‘Byeongsu Ball’ will be appointed midway through the season and will immediately make the players understand and increase their familiarity. All you need is a win Suwon-won, who started the fight for survival, must win 3 points for the season using any tactics or strategy, whether it is the ‘Byeongsu ball’ or another ball, and that is the reality. 

With a new leader, Su-Won begins a desperate survival game.

Coach Kim will begin the 12th round against Jeonbuk on the 10th, when each team competes once and then starts a full-fledged competition. It means that he has more tasks to accomplish than other teams.

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