Former Doosan Bears infielder Oh Jae-won will take his first steps as a sports commentator for SPOTV after retiring.

SPOTV completed a 6-member commentator system, including ‘Supersonic’ Lee Dae-hyung, ‘Hyundai 20-win pitcher’ Jeong Min-tae, ‘Long-time catcher’ Lee Seong-woo, along with members Yang Sang-moon and Min Hoon-ki, and finally Oh Jae-won. Commentator Oh Jae-won, the last runner, said, “I thought it would be nice to have an opportunity to explain in detail to the fans with baseball commentary since I was a player, but the opportunity came.” He also added the reason for choosing SPOTV, saying, “I am a big fan of the NBA, but it was the only place in Korea where I could watch the NBA.”

Until last year, I asked Commissioner Oh Jae-won, who wore a uniform and interacted with the players, about this year’s KBO game. Oh Jae-won said, “This year’s KBO will be a fight against physical strength.” “Since the key players of each team have quickly raised their pace, it seems to be different depending on how they manage their physical strength in the middle of the season, especially in the hot summer. Eventually, it will rise to the top.” 바카라사이트

In addition, when asked about the teams that will enter the round of 5, Commissioner Oh replied, “Doosan, Doosan, Doosan, Doosan, and LG.” I could get a glimpse of his strong affection for his parent team.

First, Lee Dae-hyung, member of ‘Supersonic’, who was revealed to be joining the commentator, evaluated Jae-won Oh as “I think he will be creative and fun like he played during his active career.”

What is the most important part of Oh Jae-won, who is about to debut as a full-fledged baseball commentator? Commissioner Oh said with strength, “I am from Doosan, but above all, I will comment fairly.”

He also said, “I want to convey details such as how a player feels when a player makes a mistake, or why he made an error in that situation,” using his experience as a player.

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