(Best Eleven = Seogwipo)

온라인바카라 Song Joo-hoon returned to Jeju United after serving in the military. He joined Jeju two years ago, but he has yet to play a single game in a Jeju uniform. The 2023 season is the turn to show ‘Citrus Defender’ Song Joo-hoon.

On the 7th, the 5th Media Camp schedule for the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training was held at the Parev Hotel located in Seogwipo, Jeju-do. Many players from Jeju attended the media camp, including manager Nam Ki-il. Song Joo-hoon, who returned from military service at Gimcheon Sangmu, also attended the media camp and expressed his thoughts on returning to Jeju.

Song Joo-hoon said, “It’s been less than two months since I returned to Jeju after being discharged from the military. It’s natural for players to change every year, so it doesn’t feel special.” Since he came, he joked around a lot, so the awkward atmosphere disappeared. People around him help a lot,” he said, saying that he is adjusting smoothly to the team after returning to Jeju.

Song Joo-hoon left Shenzhen FC in 2021 and joined Jeju. He was expected to build a strong defensive axis. However, after joining Jeju, he could not play a single game due to injury, and in June of that year, he left for Gimcheon Sangmu to fulfill his military service obligations. He joined Jeju two years ago, but he is a ‘newbie in Jeju’ who has never played in a Jeju uniform.

So, the resolution is more different. “I was in Jeju for about six months before my military service, but I couldn’t play a single game because I was injured and had to rehabilitate, so I went to Gimcheon Managing Director,” said Song Joo-hoon, who regretted it, “I personally have a great desire to do well. I hope this year will be a turning point .I have completed my military service, so there is nothing to catch me. I want to make this year a turning point while playing soccer comfortably.”

eju is currently lined with veteran defenders such as Kim Oh-kyu and Lim Chae-min. Fierce competition is inevitable, but they serve as good role models.

Song Joo-hoon said, “The hyungs are comfortable, so I approach without hesitation and ask them to exercise.” I learn a lot from him. Oh Kyu-hyung has a lot to learn, just like sports. He does personal exercise once a day without fail. There is also a personal trainer. I followed him a few times and it seemed to help the player a lot.” He said he was preparing for the season in a better way by absorbing best practices.

Song Joo-Hoon puts his overwhelming physicality at the forefront of strong defense, and his left-footed build-up ability also complies. He is also a source of wealth across the national team by age group. For Song Joo-hoon, the national team is still an issue to be solved. Unfortunately, he missed the 2016 Rio Olympics due to injury, and made his A-match debut against Morocco in October 2017, but this match remains Song Joo-hoon’s only A-match match.

Song Joo-hoon said, “I went to the A team once in 2017, but I haven’t been called to the national team since then.” It is to show good performance. I want to help the Jeju team and be selected for the national team. The national team is a place I always dream of. I want to prepare well and aim again.”

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