Choi Won-tae (26, LG Twins) reported a transfer perfectly showing the ‘expected’ appearance.

Choi Won-tae started in an away game against the Doosan Bears held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 30th and recorded 2 hits, 5 strikeouts and no runs in 6 innings.먹튀검증

On the 29th, Choi Won-tae faced a big change. He changed his uniform from Kiwoom Heroes to LG as a trade.

Choi Won-tae, who joined Nexen (currently Kiwoom) as the first nomination in 2015, was reborn as a “right-handed ace” with double-digit wins from 2017 to 2019. Although it was somewhat sluggish over the next three years, it recorded an average ERA of 3.25 with 6 wins and 4 losses in 17 games this season.

LG, which is running in first place this season, needed reinforcement of domestic starting pitchers, and while staying in 9th place, a trade with Kiwoom, which needed to ‘prepare for the future’, was accomplished. LG received Choi Won-tae, and gave the right to pick prospective infielder Lee Joo-hyung and pitcher Kim Dong-gyu in the first round of the 2024 rookie draft. Both Lee Joo-hyung and Kim Dong-gyu are ‘key prospects’ in the top rounds. Lee Joo-hyung was nominated for LG in the 2nd round in 2020 (12th overall), and Kim Dong-gyu in the 2nd round in 2023 (17th overall).

Choi Won-tae, who was scheduled to start as a starting pitcher in Kiwoom on the 29th, climbed the mound wearing an LG uniform on the 30th.

On the 30th, ahead of the Doosan match, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “(Choi) Won-tae has been broken at once. There were cases where he gave up a lot of runs in one inning because he tried not to give points.” “LG is different, so 3 points Throw it with the thought that you will give it. Do not throw it to avoid giving points, but it can be better if you think that it will give you points, so I told you to change your mind.”

Director Yeom continued, “Although the number of games is small, I think we can win more in the second half than in the first half. I think I can win 6-7 if I do my own thing.”

Choi Won-tae’s first game proved that coach Yeom’s words were not lies. It showed the reason why LG boldly gave up future resources by tying up Doosan’s lineup with perfect up to 2 companies in the 5th inning. , Sinkers (6 pieces) were evenly mixed.

He got his first hit from Kang Seung-ho, but ended the inning by striking out Yang Chan-yeol.

In the 6th inning, Kim Tae-geun hit a double after one out, and was put into the first crisis. However, he did not concede while beating Jeong Su-bin and Heo Gyeong-min.

Other lines congratulated Choi Won-tae on his LG debut. He drove in 8 runs through the 3rd inning, and also scored 10 runs in the 5th and 6th innings, adding one run each.

Until the 6th inning, Choi Won-tae had 65 pitches. He had no reason to force LG to overdo it. By raising Baek Seung-hyun in the 7th episode, Choi Won-tae’s mission was completed.

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