The number of Baduk tournaments also increases every year, just as we get older. Winning a competition is the same as saying you won a title. Defending champion for one year. Shin Jin-seo is the only GS Caltex Cup champion for the past five years. 토토사이트

On the 10th, the 3rd final of the 24th Maxim Coffee Cup, the strongest match, ended with a score of 2-0. Shin Jin-seo’s championship title increased by one from seven. Shin Jin-seo, who won eight gold medals, said she wanted to win two more championships this year. If he wins the final match of Ingssibae with a prize money of 400,000 dollars, he will win 9 crowns. If we do well in the Asian Games and win one or two more tournaments, we will see 10 crowns behind Lee Chang-ho.

Shin Jin-seo, who won her 30th championship in 11 years of professional life, recorded 19 consecutive victories. This year, he recorded 37 wins and 3 losses with a win rate of 92.5%. Korea’s 11th place Ahn Seong-joon had a hot match with Shin Jin-seo, but never tasted sweet results.

He puts everything he wants from where the bag flips from 16 to 30 and has a good stance to look at. He pokes 1 with Black’s 17 <Figure 1> and sneaks with White’s 2. Increases to 8 and captures 5 black points following 10. AI Katago said it would be okay to place it at 1 in <Figure 2> with 20 back. Because you can put a back 7.

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