The chances of our national team advancing to the round of 16 in the FIFA Women’s World Cup have become very slim. Even Morocco, ranked 72nd in the FIFA rankings, which was considered the weakest in the group, suffered a shocking defeat.메이저사이트

The national team faced bad news from injuries before the match.

Im Seon-joo, the core of the defense, injured her calf while warming up, so Shim Seo-yeon was hurriedly put in as a starter.

Afterwards, the 37-year-old tall striker Park Eun-seon led the game with the right to deliver, but it was difficult to open the goal.

In the 26th minute of the first half, the scene where Park Eun-sun’s header slightly missed the goal was the most regrettable.

In the second half, five strikers, including Choi Yu-ri, Moon Mi-ra, and Casey Fair, the youngest 16-year-old mixed-race player, were replaced and desperately aimed for a goal, but failed to record a single effective shot until the end and lost 1-0.

They went scoreless in 2 matches in a row and suffered 2 defeats, putting them at the bottom of the group.

[Colin Bell/Women’s World Cup coach: The players have shown good performance for the past 4 years, but they couldn’t properly show their skills in the 2 group stage games.] In the match that just ended, Colombia defeated Germany and we will advance to the round of 16

. was covered in the final match.

If the national team wins against Germany and Colombia defeats Morocco, the three teams, including Korea, Germany and Morocco, will have a 1 win and 2 losses, and the goal difference will determine the second place in the group to win a ticket to the round of 16.

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