Seol Ji-hwan (Yangpyeong Jipyeong Elementary School) and Bang Eun-seo (Gimpo Seo Elementary School), ‘short-distance prospects’, ran side by side in the 2023 Gyeonggi-do Education Cold Athletics Competition and the 52nd National Children’s Sports Festival Gyeonggi-do representative final selection. 토토사이트

Seol Ji-hwan recorded 26.62 in the men’s 6-year-old 200m final on the second day held at Mir Stadium in Yongin on the 20th, beating Lee Soo-hyung (Gwangmyeong Seomyeon Elementary School, 27.51.

In addition, Bang Eun-seo, the 6th year female 100m champion, beat Yeo-eun Kim (Yangji-cho, Namyangju, 28.82 seconds) with a time of 27.91 in the 200m that day, and finished first, also winning 2 gold medals. He won the gold medal for the second time after winning the 100m the day before.

Meanwhile, Kim Bum-seo (Siheung Sorae Middle School) in the south-central 3rd year 800m finals took first place with a time of 2:09.79, winning two gold medals including the gold medal in the 1,500m the previous day, and Lee Soo-bin (Siheung Shincheon Middle School) in the 2nd year female middle school with a time of 59.79 seconds. He won the championship with grades faster than the record in the third grade.

In addition, Kim Ga-eun (Bucheon Girls’ Middle School), 3rd year female middle school, 1,500m, took first place with a time of 5:08.50, and Lee Seong-jin (Gwangmyeongbuk Middle School, 3rd year), who was a male middle school, won the championship by jumping 5m96.

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