The 57th Jeju Citizens’ Athletics Festival, where the harmony of Jeju’s athletes is the artisan, opened yesterday.

On the second day of the competition, each player showed off their skills in a variety of events.

A round, flat ball weighing 1.5 kg is vigorously rolled.

Since the center of gravity is skewed to one side, it draws a parabola, and the closer it is to a target ball 30 meters away, the higher the score. 카지노

It’s not easy to control the ball in the strong wind, but I focus on each one and roll the ball.

[Soundbite] Kang Seung-mi/Loanball player, Jeju-si : “(During the prolonged COVID-19 crisis), it feels really good to be able to cheer and exercise together with all the players who are really energetic this year.”

] Table tennis is in full swing.

He puts his serve carefully, and when he succeeds in a sharp attack, he clenches his fist and rejoices.

He does not hesitate to practice on the weekends, and while watching the medals he won while sweating with his friends, he also strengthens his resolve for the next competition.

[Soundbite] Yoo Chae-min/Male Middle School Table Tennis Player : “It’s really good that I performed well for my first time participating in the Domin Sports Festival, and I hope I can work out hard again with all my friends and get good results again.”

] A total of 36 events, including track and field and ball, were fiercely contested.

Regardless of age or gender, they showed off their usual honed skills.

The 57th Domin Sports Festival, in which 13,000 citizens participate in 50 events, concludes the three-day fierce competition tomorrow.

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