The Hangzhou Asian Games, which are approaching, and the gaze toward Ryu Joong-il-ho, who is about to depart, are more concerned than expected.스포츠토토

The mound, where he was confident of pitching in gold, is the most anxious. Among pitchers classified as starting resources, only Won Tae-in (23, Samsung) can do his part. Koo Chang-mo (27, NC) is recovering from injury, and Park Se-woong (28) and Na Gyun-an (25, Lotte) are struggling. Moon Dong-ju (20, Hanwha), who has grown while gaining first-team experience this season, is raising expectations, but the key is whether he can overcome the pressure in his first international competition as an adult.

In the midst of this, the homeroom of the national team was filled with ‘young blood’. Hyungjun Kim (24, NC), who has been in his 6th year as a professional, and Dongheon Kim (19, Kiwoom), a newcomer, are teaming up with the mound.

It is true that even before the formation of the national team, the gaze toward the composition of the home room was more anxious than the mound. Kim Hyung-joon suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury in August of last year and was expected to return only in the second half. It was fortunate that Kim Dong-heon, who debuted this year, increased his playing tim

But recently, the gaze has changed. It is because of the performance of Kim Hyeong-jun, who quickly takes his place after returning from injury.

Kim Hyung-joon, who joined the Futures (2nd team) team after completing rehabilitation from an injury in May, injured ligaments in his right ankle during practice and went to the rehabilitation team again. Since the departure was inevitable by the end of June, it was in the fog whether he would perform after his return. However, Kim Hyung-joon showed a perfect recovery, showing a batting average of 30.201 for a month in July, and a batting average of the second half of 200 in August. NC coach Kang In-kwon originally planned to let Kim Hyung-jun build up a sense of practice until the expansion entry, but eventually decided to call up early as Park Se-hyuk’s injury left a gap. Even after returning to the 1st team, Kim Hyung-joon is relieving the worries of NC, who were trembling in the home vacancy, by steadily continuing his sense of hitting.

NC coach Kang In-kwon expressed his anticipation for Kim Hyung-joon, saying, “I will be able to do my part well in the Asian Games.” He expressed his satisfaction, saying, “As a catcher, not only his batting talent, but also his strong arm and blocking ability are good.” At the same time, he expressed expectations, saying, “He is a player who has a lot of good things for his age. He has infinite potential for growth.”

Even after his long injury, he was able to wear the Taegeuk mark and show outstanding performance right after his return, which was only possible because of his talent and effort. Will Kim Hyung-joon be able to contribute to the golden run as the housekeeper who protects the mound of the national team?

e at Kiwoom, but it was difficult to shake off concerns about his lack of experience.

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