Reporter Fabricio Romano,

who has high public confidence in European football, highly evaluated the value of Kim Min-jae, the core of Napoli’s defense.

Kim Min-jae is performing at the league’s best level. The fact that it is his Serie A debut season is overshadowed by his stable defense in his first season at Napoli. Coach Luciano Spalletti believes in Kim Min-jae’s defense, coverage, and football intelligence, and can induce other players to advance, thereby realizing aggressive football.

His club, Napoli, is also having his best season. This season, Napoli is showing an overwhelming power to the point of being 18 points behind 2nd place Inter Milan. Now, with 14 games left in the league, Napoli’s high-flying streak continues.메이저놀이터

Initially, there were concerns about Napoli as key players such as Kalidou Koulibaly left en masse, but now they are very close to winning, and in particular, Kim Min-jae is clearly filling the void left by Koulibaly. Naples seniors also acknowledge this. Former Napoli defender Alberto Savino said, “Kim Min-jae plays better than Coulibaly. Because Koulibaly only believed in his physical ability and defended. But Kim Min-jae reads the game better than Koulibaly.”

He praised Kim Min-jae’s defensive intelligence. Kim Min-jae shows many scenes of blocking the opponent’s attack in advance not only with his natural physical condition, but also with the ability to read the game flow and predictive power. Savino said, “Kim Min-jae is already worth 100 million euros (approximately 139.5 billion won),” and highly evaluated Kim Min-jae.

Reporter Romano also highly praised Kim Min-jae, who is rumored to be transferring to Manchester United. Reporter Romano said in an interview with the YouTube channel ‘The United Stand’, “Napoli wants to renew the contract, but Min-jae Kim has not yet agreed and it is not easy to persuade. He is a fantastic centre-back with the value of won.”

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