The 11th hole (par 5) of the final round of the KLPGA Championship on the 30th of last month. Shinsil Bang (19, KB Financial Group), a rookie, dropped a 270-yard tee shot onto the fairway and then aimed for the green with her second shot. Even though there were more than 250 yards left to the pin, and the burden of distance increased because it was uphill, Bang Shin-sil succeeded in 2-on very easily. I put an eagle putt close to the hole and got a simple tap-in birdie. Bang Sin-sil, who started with 5 consecutive birdies on the first day, naturally tried 2-on in most of the par 5 holes, and caught the attention of golf fans even before her debut on the regular tour.

Last year, the popularity of newcomer Yoon Na-na (20, Hite Jinro) also started with ‘2 on of the topic’. McCall Mona Park opened at Birch Hill GC in Pyeongchang, Gangwon in early July. The distance left for the second shot on the 18th hole (par 5) was about 240 yards, and it was also uphill, but the ball caught in the unstoppable impact rolled over the bunker in front of the green and stopped 7m behind the pin. Yoon Eana, who finished second alone, received as much attention as the winner. As it became known that he belatedly reported a rule violation committed in a previous tournament, he was punished with a 3-year suspension and disappeared, but the short-term impact he left was ‘everything’.안전놀이터

Bang Shin-sil, who tied for 4th after competing for the championship at the KLPGA Championship, will also participate in the Kyochon Honey Ladies Open, which will be held at Kingsdale GC in Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, for three days from the 5th. Following this, he will also compete in the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship (Suwon CC on the 13th-15th) and the E1 Charity Open (South Springs CC on the 27th-29th).

Bang Shin-sil intensively trained to increase distance last winter in Nong Khai, a border town between Thailand and Laos. As a result, at the KLPGA Championship, he hit a long shot of 280 to 290 yards. Some holes were shot up to 320 yards. Bang Shin-sil said, “Accuracy is important during winter training, but first of all, I thought that increasing the distance and short game were more important, so I practiced intensively.” did. I went into swing correction after winter training because I wanted to prevent injuries and have a more comfortable swing.”

Because it was ranked 40th in the regular tour seeding match at the end of last year, it is not a full seed, so the number of tournaments Bangshinsil can participate in is limited. Of all the regular tour competitions, it seems that less than half of them can participate. Bang Shin-sil received 58.5 million won in prize money for a tie for 4th place in the KLPGA Championship, but even with the amount corresponding to the 25th place in the prize money rankings, there is not enough money in the number of competitions to participate, so there is no prize money ranking itself. Simultaneously with the Dream (part 2) tour, he aims to become a full seed for the regular tour next year. Regarding Kim Min-byeol (19, Hite Jinro), who is ranked first in the Rookie of the Year award points, he said, “I always felt this while living on the national team, but Min-byeol has a lot to learn from and is a very good player.” I think I got the motivation to do well.”

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