Hanwha Eagles ambitiously recruited FA (free agent) beast Chae Eun-seong ahead of this season. The details were up to 9 billion won, including a down payment of 3.6 billion won, an annual salary of 4.4 billion won, and an option of 1 billion won over the six-year contract period.온라인바카라

In addition to being able to defend in the outfield and infield, Chae Eun-seong was expected to contribute especially to the batting side. From the team’s point of view, as there are many young players, there was also a part where Chae Eun-seong was expected to play a pivotal role.

First of all, Hanwha’s investment is a ‘great success’ considering the results so far.

Chae Eun-seong participated in 69 games this season and recorded 81 hits in 269 at-bats, a batting average of 0.301, 10 homers, 45 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.837. He had already hit double-digit home runs for the sixth year in a row before the first half was over. Thanks to this, the weight of the center line has changed dramatically.

Here, Hanwha made another change to the batting line. They sent out foreign hitter Brian O’Grady and recruited Nick Williams. At the time, Hanwha introduced Williams, saying, “Aggressive hitting is a strength, and it is evaluated that the defense and main power are compliant.”

Williams, who made his KBO League debut 9 days after the announcement of his contract, quickly melted into the team and improved his condition by hitting a long hit in two games. On the 30th of last month, against Daegu Samsung Lions, he even hit his first home run in his debut.

Thanks to Williams’ addition, Hanwha was able to build a central batting line that leads to Noh Si-hwan, Williams, and Chae Eun-seong. The fact that Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong, who have one shot in front and back of the foreign batter, were placed in No. 3 and No. 5, respectively, was a big plus for Hanwha. As far as the center line, the weight does not drop compared to any other team.

Here, Roh Si-hwan, who brushed off last year’s sluggishness, is aiming for a ‘career high’ season with 92 hits in 73 games, 292 at-bats, a batting average of 0.315, 17 home runs and 52 RBIs, an OPS of 0.941. He said that there was a part where he himself rebounded, but he also relieved the burden by recruiting outside to that extent.

What do you think of Noh Si-hwan? Noh Si-hwan, who met with reporters after the Daegu Samsung match on the 1st, said, “Once a foreign player comes like this, just being on the other line is enough to intimidate the opposing team, and as such a good hitter joins like this, the ball mix changes, so’ Dynamite lineup ’ It feels like this is being built little by little,” he said.

Manager Choi Won-ho also feels that the batting line has become solid. On the 2nd, coach Choi said, “The hitters (Lee Jin-young, Kim In-hwan) placed at the top will see the effect of Noh Si-hwan, and Williams (in front of Chae Eun-seong) will eventually swing into the game. If Moon Hyun-bin behind Williams, Moon Hyun-bin I’m not a long hitter, so I won’t play like now. Pitchers say, ‘A home run hitter who hits 10% is scarier than a ‘tick’ who hits 40%.”

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