Tottenham Hotspur pushed for a right wingback through the winter transfer market. In the end, a prisoner belonging to Sporting was dropped. Afterwards, Tottenham handed over 34 million euros (approximately 45.5 billion won) as the first offer, plus Marcus Edwards’ cell-on clause and prisoner’s performance option. However, Sporting rejected the offer, insisting on a buyout of 45 million euros (about 60 billion won).

That’s how the point of triggering the prisoner’s 메이저놀이터 buyout clause ended. According to Portugal’s ‘Hecord’, the buyout of the captive is until ’15 days before’ the January transfer window deadline. After that, Sporting has to meet the conditions they want to be able to sign within the January transfer window. And it is said that it will be activated again in the summer.

Tottenham offered a performance option of 5 million euros (about 6.5 billion won) for 40 million euros (about 53.5 billion won) as a second offer. But this, too, could not convince Sporting.

Eventually, an agreement was reached at the final meeting. Tottenham promised a lump sum payment in cash for 48 million euros (about 64 billion won). In this process, Tottenham is said to be ‘factoring’ to raise funds. Factoring means that financial institutions purchase trade receivables from companies and lend them money. Tottenham tried to conclude a prisoner’s contract based on the funds. It seemed that the POW transfer was getting closer.

However, on the 30th (Korean time), there was a prospect that the POW transfer might be cancelled. ‘Hekord’ said, “The transfer of the prisoner to Tottenham is at stake.

“The clubs were deadlocked late last night. At this point, the process is frozen, and in the worst case it could be ruined. Tottenham are reluctant to pay the 3 million euros (about 4 billion won) incurred by factoring.” added.

In other words, the reason why the POW transfer fee was set at 48 million euros was because of the cost of 3 million euros from the sale of the bond with the basic 45 million euros. Tottenham had a verbal agreement for 48 million euros, including that amount, but changed their mind at the end.

The contract is not canceled. ‘Hecord’ said, “The clubs believe they can close the deal within the next few hours,” and European transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said, “Tottenham are working to solve the problem and close the deal.”

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