Ronnie Dawson, the new foreign hitter for Kiwoom Heroes, takes on the heavy duty four times from the first game of his debut.온라인바카라

On the 13th, Kiwoom ended his companionship with Edison Russell and recruited Ronnie Dawson as a new foreign hitter. A total of 85,000 dollars (approximately 110 million won).

Dawson began his professional career after being selected by the Houston Astros with the 61st overall pick in the second round of the 2016 Major League Baseball Draft. Then he briefly joined the Cincinnati Reds in 2022, and played in the American Independent League this year. His career record in the major leagues was 0.125 in 4 games in 2 seasons, 581 hits and 72 home runs in 6 seasons in the minor leagues, 0.247 batting average, and 70 hits and 13 home runs in the independent league this year, with a batting average of 0.282.

Kiwoom announced the news of replacing a foreign batter prior to the All-Star break, but it was on the 22nd that Dawson joined the team. This is because of the delay in issuing the visa. Dawson stayed in Japan until the day before (21st) and waited for the visa to be issued, and arrived in Busan late in the afternoon. And on the 22nd, prior to the Sajik Lotte Giants match, he registered for the first team and was also named in the starting lineup.

On this day, Kiwoom formed a line leading to Kim Joon-wan (designated hitter) – Kim Hye-seong (2nd baseman) – Lee Jung-hoo (center fielder) – Ronnie Dawson (left fielder) – Lee Won-seok (1st baseman) – Song Seong-moon (3rd baseman) – Joo Seong-won (right fielder) – Lee Ji-young (catcher) – Kim Joo-hyung (shortstop). Kiwoom, who finished the first half with 7 consecutive losses, fell into a swamp of 8 consecutive losses by losing the previous day (21st), and if they give up the game on this day, they will write a disgraceful record for the club’s most consecutive losses ‘Tie’. Dawson’s role is critical.

Prior to the game on the 22nd, coach Hong Won-ki said, “Yesterday (21st), I said I would worry about Dawson’s batting order, but I couldn’t score in the last two games. That’s why I think I’ll have to score in any way.”

What would you say to Dawson? The command tower said, “I had a brief interview in the morning, and he is a very sincere and energetic player. And when I saw him talking to the players, I think he would adapt very quickly. It is difficult to judge by seeing a few hits, but the process of training on his own went smoothly.”

You need to adapt to the jet lag, and you might be fatigued as much as you came from Japan the day before (21st). Dawson, who met with reporters before the game, said, “I’m so excited right now, so I don’t know if I’m tired. But I think I’ll be a little tired on Monday.”

Dawson, who did not have much experience playing in the major leagues, stayed in the independent league until recently. He emphasized, “When it comes to hitting, I think the biggest advantage is that I have the power to divide left-right middle. And what I am more confident than hitting is the defense. So far, I have invested the most training time in the defense.

In the end, Dawson added, “My basic goal is to help the team. I don’t want to put my goal into numbers.”

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