On the 2nd, Baran announced his retirement from the national team through his Instagram. Having made his debut for France in March 2013, he has made three World Cup appearances. He helped France win the 2018 World Cup in Russia for the first time in 20 years. Varane, then a member of Real Madrid, won both the World Cup and the Champions League in the same year. It is a record held by only 4 people in the world.

He wrote a lot of history at the club as 메이저놀이터 well. A native of Reims youth, he made his professional debut in 2010 before moving to Real Madrid in the summer of 2011. Equipped with his interpersonal mark, height, and speed, he was stably responsible for the rear and led Real to three consecutive Champions League titles. Transferred to Manchester United in the summer of 2021, he struggled with injuries in his first season, but after manager Eric Ten Hag took over the helm, he is working with Lisandro Martinez in the center.

“Representing our great country for 10 years has been one of the greatest honors of my life,” Baran said. Every time I came out on the field, I had a sense of responsibility to win. After thinking about it for several months, I decided it was time to leave the national team.”

“At the 1998 World Cup in France, I felt an indescribable feeling. He always remembered those players’ teams. He dreamed of becoming a national hero himself, and 20 years later he was able to experience the best of his life. He was proud and had the World Cup. can never forget One of the best moments of my life,” he said. “The team came together as one. I could never have done it without the support of the staff and coach Didier Deschamps. And it was possible because of everyone who supported us. I cannot forget the celebration parade when I returned home. thank you one by one The moment of parting is always lonely, but the time has come to give way to a new generation. There are many young and talented players. I sincerely thank you,” he said.

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