The relationship between the Milwaukee Brewers and Corbin Burns (29) is showing signs of going sour.

USA Today, an American media, said on the 19th (Korean time),바카라 “There are several reasons why major league clubs do not like going to the salary adjustment with their players. Burns showed the reason well,” he said, telling the process of adjusting the salary between Milwaukee and Burns.

Burns is one of the major league aces. He played 28 games (167 innings) in 2021. He went 11-5 with a 2.43 earned run average and won the National League Cy Young Award. He also played in 33 games (202 innings) last season with 12 wins and 8 losses with an earned run average of 2.94 and ranked 7th in the Cy Young Award voting.

Burns, who has been showing good results over the past three years, asked for an annual salary of 10.75 million dollars (approximately 14 billion won) this winter, but Milwaukee responded with 10.01 million dollars (approximately 13 billion won). In the end, Burns and Milwaukee went so far as to adjust their annual salary with a difference of 749,000 dollars (about 1 billion won), and the Salary Adjustment Committee sided with Milwaukee.

USA Today said, “Burns told reporters that he blamed the Milwaukee team for failing to advance to the postseason. In 2021, Burns led the major leagues with a 2.43 ERA and an outstanding FIP (defense independent ERA) of 1.63. And that year, Milwaukee won the National League Central Division title,” explaining the discord between Burns and Milwaukee.

According to, the official major league media outlet, Burns said, “The club put me first as to why they failed to advance to the postseason last year. It probably goes without saying.”

USA Today said, “Of course, Burns’ ERA and FIP both deteriorated compared to 2021. But he did more for Milwaukee in theory. Burns, who did not receive the Corona 19 vaccine, only started 28 games in 2021, but in 2022, he threw 202 innings and struck out 243. If you ask me who I want to have between Burns in 2021 and Burns in 2022, the answer may vary depending on the team situation.”

Burns indirectly expressed his dissatisfaction with the club, saying, “I can’t deny that my relationship with the club has been hurt (about this situation).

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