Tryouts for foreign players in the V-League men’s division with the title of ‘Ku-Gwan-i Myeong-Gwan’. how about the women’s 

KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) will conduct a tryout for foreign players in the women’s division in Turkey, Turkey for three days from the 11th (Korean time). This is the first face-to-face showcase in four years due to the COVID-19 issue. 

The number of marbles that determine the ranking of nominations was differentially distributed in reverse order of ranking last season (2022-23). 7th Pepper Savings Bank 35, 6th IBK Industrial Bank 30, 5th GS Caltex 25, 4th KGC Ginseng Corporation 20, 3rd Hyundai E&C 15, 2nd Heungkuk Life Insurance 10 , Korea Expressway Corporation, which ranked first, is in the order of five. The final nominations are determined by lottery.

A total of 55 people, including players who played last season, applied for this tryout, and 44 people were named to the final list. 

Catbell, who led Korea Expressway Corporation to win the championship match last season, aims to return to the V-League. He is a player with explosive scoring power, but his durability is questionable. Yelena, who built a pair with Kim Yeon-kyung and led Heungkuk Life Insurance to the top of the regular league, is also aiming for re-entry.

The same goes for Yasmin, who led Hyundai E&C’s solo run. He is a proven player both in terms of skill and affinity. MoMA, who was short but had the best attack power in the league, and Santana, who played for IBK Industrial Bank, are also knocking on the door again. There are quite a few players who were active in the V-League before last season. Among the new faces, Pala Dalira from the Cuban national team and Banja Savic from Serbia are attracting attention. 카지노사이트

Six of the seven clubs in the men’s division signed a player from last season or selected a player with experience in the V-League. The only new face is our card, which chose Matei Kok. 

The women’s division is unpredictable. The team that accompanies the existing player is likely to greatly reduce. GS Caltex has identified limitations in synergy with MoMA. At KGC Ginseng Corporation, Elisabeth did not participate in the tryout. Even if Hyundai E&C is ranked, it seems that Yasmin’s back injury history will be a concern. It is highly likely that IBK Industrial Bank of Korea will not renew the contract with Santana due to the issue of reorganizing positions with domestic players. The same goes for Pepper Savings Bank. Nearid, who was recruited before last season, was kicked out after being caught possessing hemp jelly. Yelena is the only player who has a good air flow with the original club. 

The content power of the V-League women’s division has risen to the point of threatening professional baseball. ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung also extended her career as a player, and expectations for her next season are growing. Tryouts are also attracting great attention. 

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