Bae Ji-hwan (24, Pittsburgh Pirates) is worried about being replaced due to an ankle injury.

Bae Ji-hwan started as the first hitter and second baseman in the 2023 Major League Baseball game against the Toronto Blue Jays held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 6th (Korean time), but was replaced before the defense in the top of the 9th inning. In his last at-bat in the bottom of the eighth, he hit a ground ball to second base and also limped his leg in the process of running to first base. Bae Ji-hwan stopped short of getting out of the plate, and walked to dugout, but was unable to defend until the ninth inning.

‘Pittsburgh Baseball Now’, which handles Pittsburgh news, explained that ‘Bae Ji-hwan was replaced due to an ankle injury’ after the game. Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton explained the injury only to the extent that “Bae Ji-hwan caught his ankle after hitting a grounder” in an interview with local reporters after the game.

Bae Ji-hwan is being examined by Pittsburgh medical staff, and until then, there are no expected updates on his injury. Pittsburgh Baseball Now predicted that the exact extent of Bae Ji-hwan’s injury would be known only on the 7th.메이저사이트

Pittsburgh had no choice but to be dizzy when Bae Ji-hwan was limping. Bae Ji-hwan was the main character leading Pittsburgh, the ‘track and field team’ this year. Bae Ji-hwan succeeded in stealing base No. 14 of the season by stealing second base after walking on base with a lead-off in the bottom of the first inning. 2nd in Major League Baseball. As he pushed Esteuri Lewis (Oakland, 13) to third place, he caught up with Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta, 15) by one car.

It is no exaggeration to say that Bae Ji-hwan’s legs are the driving force of Pittsburgh, which is running at the top of the National League Central Division this season. Bae Ji-hwan boasts top-notch power in the major leagues. According to Statcast, his sprint speed of 29.5 mph ranks in the top 2% in the major leagues. And he covers the base-to-base distance of 90 feet (27.4 m) in just 3.76 seconds. When Bae Ji-hwan is tied up, Pittsburgh faces the problem of finding a new power source.

Pittsburgh suffered from injuries to key players as shortstop O’Neill Cruz (left leg fracture), first baseman and designated hitter Choi Ji-man (left Achilles tendon), and Bae Ji-hwan suffered ankle injuries. Right before the game, outfielder and designated hitter Andrew McCutchen was away with a left ankle injury, and he predicted that the recovery period would not take long.

Pittsburgh lost to Toronto 0-4 amid reports of injuries to McCutchen and Bae Ji-hwan that day. Pittsburgh fell into a swamp of 5 consecutive losses, but with a season record of 20 wins and 13 losses, it is still leading the National League Central Division.

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