Patrice Evra, who was Park Ji-sung’s close friend at Manchester United, greeted Korean fans in Korean.

Evra posted a video on social media on the 13th (Korean time).온라인카지노  Evra is currently vacationing in Dubai with Park Ji-sung, who was close to her during her active career.

During his vacation, Evra greeted Korean soccer fans by saying “Hello” in Korean through a video. He then said he was introducing a guest and pulled Park Ji-seong, who was next to him, into the camera.

Evra said, “I want to go out on Running Man 2” in Korean, though he is inexperienced. As he spoke, he frequently checked his pronunciation with Park Ji-sung, who was next to him.

Then, “Parasite 2, I want to go out” and “Squid Game Season 2, I want to go out”, saying, “I want to go out,” and expressed their desire to appear in Korean programs that are very popular around the world.

He also made fans burst into laughter by emphasizing “No! I’m stupid” in Korean. In the past, when Evra was learning Korean greetings from Park Ji-sung, she made Korean fans laugh by reading “I am an idiot” as Park Ji-sung told her as a joke.

While Evra strongly expressed her will to appear in Korean media, Park Ji-sung hinted at the possibility of appearing on Evra, saying, “Please prepare. There will be a day to see (Evra) in Korea soon.” Following Park Ji-sung’s remarks, Evra ended the video by saying “Thank you” in Korean.

Evra, who has played 379 games in Manchester United alone and is considered one of the best left-backs in the club’s history, led Manchester United’s heyday along with Park Ji-sung during his active career.

Park Ji-sung and Evra performed well together at Manchester United, one of the best clubs in the world, and lifted a total of 11 trophies, including 4 Premier League titles and 1 UEFA Champions League title.

Afterwards, Park Ji-sung left Manchester United in the summer of 2012 and the two broke up, but they have maintained a close relationship and showed off their unchanging friendship to fans.

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