On this day, the opening ceremony of the Domin Sports Festival was held under the theme of ‘A New Beginning and a Great Challenge’ with about 10,000 people including the citizens and athletes participating.

The opening ceremony started with the ceremony, followed by the introduction of the athletes, the opening declaration, the hoisting of the competition flag, the representative oath, the entrance of the torch, and the lighting of the phoenix video. 카지노

Jeju Governor Oh Yeong-hoon congratulated the opening of the Provincial Sports Festival and prayed for a healthy victory for the participating athletes, saying, “I hope that the Provincial Sports Festival will become a festival that gives energy to Jeju Island, which is taking a new leap forward, just as sports have become the power of harmony among the people of the province.”

The Jeju-si Hallim Sports Complex is the main venue for the Domin Sports Festival, and it will be held throughout Jeju-si until the 23rd as a festival of harmony and communication among the people of the province.

This year, 702 teams and 13,000 players will participate in a total of 50 events, competing fiercely for the championship in 72 stadiums in the province.

In the general division of the Domin Sports Festival, 440 teams, including eup, myeon, dongbu, donghoinbu, and overseas residents’ division, participate in 43 events.

262 teams and 5,600 players will participate in the elementary, middle, and high school student division games across 36 events.

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