Lotte outfielder Han Dong-hee (23) has been suddenly removed from the first team roster.

Lotte officially announced Han Dong-hee’s move to the second team on the 5th.

The decision was delayed, but the possibility of her being sent to the second team had been raised earlier because she hadn’t performed well enough.안전놀이터

In 43 games this season, Han hit just .235 with two home runs and 20 RBIs.

Her on-base percentage was her biggest weakness. Her on-base percentage was just .307. His OPS was just .604. Her batting average was a problem, but her inability to capitalise on her long balls was also a problem.

Han Dong-hee has only one homework assignment. She needs to get her old mechanics back.

Han changed her hitting mechanics before the season.

She worked on correcting her weakness of hitting too many line drives.

Previously, she was hitting the ball hard. While this helped improve her accuracy, it often resulted in balls hit straight at her that didn’t clear the fence.

Sajik Stadium widened the outfield and raised the fences. For line-drive hitters like Han Dong-hee, this could be a disadvantage.

It was not uncommon for balls that would have been home runs in the other stadium to hit the fence and fall. The Lotte coaching staff believed that if she could hit half of her line drives, she could hit at least 20 home runs.

Therefore, they tried a mechanism that pushed the base of the ball and gave it rotational force.

With the retirement of Lee Dae-ho, Lotte’s home run total was bound to drop even further. Lotte needed a hitter who could hit more home runs.

Han Dong-hee was one of the first to make the change.

However, the results were not good. Her home runs didn’t come as expected, and even her long-range evergreen suffered a major setback.

Park Heung-sik, Lotte’s head batting coach, said, “It can be said that Han Dong-hee’s attempts at change were unsuccessful. The new mechanics didn’t work. In the end, she had no choice but to go back to her old mechanics.” “It’s a change that should be tried at some point. But I don’t think it’s the right time. We tended to push too hard. I think I need to take my time and prepare calmly. For now, the priority is to regain the good feeling I had before. I’m aiming to find the feeling I used to have with my existing hitting mechanics.”

It was difficult to get enough time to make corrections in the first team. It was difficult for Lotte to wait for Han Dong-hee in the first team as they were competing for the top spot.

It was a consideration to give her enough time to get back to her old mechanics in Game 2.

Han Dong-hee was given one task. Stop trying new things and return to her old hitting mechanics. The coaching staff’s calculation is that even a return to last year’s level of offence would be a big boost for the team on the rise.

There will be plenty of time for Han to complete her homework in the second team.

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