With the dominant prospect that the Los Angeles Angels will not trade Shohei Ohtani, attention is focusing on whether he can reach 60 homers for the rest of the season in the second half.온라인바카라

The Angels, sixth in the American League (AL) Wild Card, slightly widened the gap with the third-place Toronto Blue Jays to 4.5 games. This is because Toronto won an away game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 25th (Korean time) 6-3 after extra time.

The Angels will continue their 9-game road trip with the Detroit Tigers, Toronto and Atlanta Braves from the 26th. It is a period to discuss whether to trade Ohtani before the trade deadline on August 2, that is, until the third game against Toronto. If we judge that we are still in playoff competition, we will officially declare that “there is no Ohtani trade”.

However, in a situation where trade rumors related to him are constantly being raised through the media, Ohtani could be stressed. However, the Angels can’t clearly reveal the trade ‘failure’ to Ohtani. This is because trade is a high-level business that contains the direction of the club for the next two to three years.

“Trades are not something I can control. I want to focus on the game, season and team performance,” Ohtani said.

Amid the stress of rumors, Ohtani hit 36 ​​home runs in 100 games played by the team as of that day. When converted into 162 games, he would hit 58.32 home runs. Assuming that Ohtani, who played in 98 games, will play in all of the remaining 62 games, the expected number of home runs slightly increases to 58.77. That said, he can score 58 or 59.

However, this is just a simple estimate by applying the ‘proportional formula’ and may differ from the actual pattern. Ohtani also hit 36 ​​homers to the team’s 100th game point in 2021. However, he only added 10 home runs in 62 games after that. Prediction and reality are inevitably different.

Ohtani has hit 28 home runs in his last 62 games. If he shows the same pace in the remaining 62 games, he will hit 64 home runs. AP Yonhap News
Of course, it may exceed the forecast. Ohtani has hit 21 homers in 43 games since June. If you apply this pace to the remaining 62 games, you can hit 66.28 homers.

In this regard, MLB.com said in an article examining the possibility of Ohtani’s 60 home runs that day, ‘It is not that special to hit 26 home runs in the remaining 62 games. It is what Judge accomplished last year,” and said, “Ohtani had 27 home runs in a 62-game period in 2021, the highest. This year, he hit 28 home runs in 62 games. It’s obviously not an easy figure, but it’s not impossible either. He has experience of doing that,’ he said, expressing optimism.

Ohtani hit 28 homers in his last 62 games, from May 13 against the Cleveland Guardians to May 24 against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

According to MLB.com, there have been 25 instances in which a team has hit 36 ​​or more home runs in 100 games. Since 1969 there have been 14 cases. Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees, who hit 62 home runs last year and set the record for the most in an AL season, also marked 39 home runs in 100 games for the team.

Ohtani needs to add 24 home runs to reach the 60 home run mark, and 26 home runs to tie with Judge. However, Fangraphs, which specializes in major league statistics, suggests Ohtani’s expected number of home runs is between 52 and 54.

MLB.com said, ‘Considering the arithmetic expectations, fan graphs predictions, and rarity, 60 homers is a somewhat daunting task. “It’s more likely to stay between 50 and 59 rather than 60 or more,” he said. “But hitting 26 homers in 62 games isn’t an outrageous request. Although emphasized at the time, he has hit 28 in his last 62 games. Haven’t we learned by now that we shouldn’t assume that there are things Ohtani can’t do? Whether it’s Anaheim or somewhere else in a new uniform.’

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