Tottenham manager Antonio Conte was nominated for the ‘Manager of the Month’ despite only directing one game in the Premier League schedule in February.

The Premier League website officially announced on the 2nd that Conte, along with Fulham manager Marco Silva and Manchester United manager Eric Tern Haag, were nominated for February’s ‘Manager of the Month’ on the 2nd.

Coaches Silva and coach Tern Hach performed well in February without any major problems with candidate registration.메이저놀이터

However, the British press has already pointed out that Conte’s nomination could be controversial. Because he emptied almost the entire month of February.

Coach Conte had his gallbladder removed on the 1st of last month and returned after a break, but his condition did not improve after the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 against AC Milan and he needed additional rest. 

In the end, coach Conte stayed there after the Italian expedition and took a break, and instead of him, coach Stellini sat on the Tottenham bench and led two consecutive wins against West Ham and Chelsea.

Coach Stellini was the one who directed Tottenham even after the gallbladder removal surgery and the victory over Manchester City.

When Tottenham lost 1-4 to Leicester City in the middle of last month, coach Conte, who briefly returned to the bench, led the squad.

Coach Stellity said, “Coach Conte kept in close contact with me even during the break and was involved in all situations and decisions.” Conte’s nomination for the nomination, despite taking care of it, is expected to remain controversial in the history of the Premier League.

Coach Silva took 2 wins and 2 draws in 4 games, and coach Ton Hagh took 3 wins and 1 draw in 4 games. It is a situation where the award of coach Tern Hagh is influential.

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