Director Udoka’s goal is ‘relationship building’.

On the 2nd (Korean time), coach Ime Udoka, who was appointed as the new head coach of the Houston Rockets, had an interview with ‘AT&T SportsNet Southwest’. Coach Udoka talked about how to lead Houston at this meeting.

Houston is currently one of the weakest teams representing the Western Conference. Houston is 22-60 this season. In the 2021-2022 season and the 2020-2021 season, he won only 20 and 17 wins, respectively, and could not get out of the swamp at the bottom.

You can use the excuse that it was going through a rebuilding process. However, the rebuild failed. This is because the growth of young players has not been outstanding. Eventually, the Houston club parted ways with manager Stephen Silas and started looking for a new head coach.

Houston’s choice was coach Udoka.

Coach Udoka developed the Boston Celtics into the best defensive team in the league in the 2021-2022 season. As a result, Boston enjoyed the splendor of advancing to the finals and had a successful season. However, coach Udoka put down his baton after being plagued by controversies over his personal life.

It’s a burdensome choice for Houston. However, Houston entrusted the team to head coach Udoka, hoping for better results.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Then, how will Coach Udoka guide the Houston team? He recalled hanging out with San Antonio Spurs manager Greg Popovich.

Coach Udoka said, “The most important thing for Coach Popovich is the relationship. The coach taught us this from day one. This teaching was passed on to the role players who played off the bench. Coach Popovich crossed his arms and let everyone know the importance of relationships. “he said.

He also paid attention to the existence of legendary Tim Duncan, who was taught by coach Popovich.

“Tim Duncan was the most humble and selfless superstar,” Udoka said. “If you talk a few words, you can see what a wonderful man Duncan is. He never boasts about himself. I think this has been transmitted to San Antonio.” do,” he said.

Houston has a lot of talented players, including Jaylen Green, Jabari Smith, Alferen Sengoon and Kevin Porter Jr. But most of them are young. That can have a lot of impact on your relationship with the director.

Coach Udoka said, “Everything goes back to relationships. The relationships you build off the court help you coach your players in a certain way. I hope to be with them, such as meeting their families during the off-season. That way we can start off well.” I can do it,” he concluded the interview.

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