Hyun Myung-hwan (pictured), executive director of the Gangwon-do Bowling Association, was appointed as the coach of the 2023 female youth bowling team.

The Do Bowling Association announced on the 18th, “Hyun, who is in charge of the bowling team coach at Hoengseong Girls’ High School, has been appointed as the coach of the national youth bowling team.” The current managing director will lead her national team to participate in the ’21st Asia Youth Bowling Championships’ held in Bangkok, Thailand from July 3 to 12 this year.안전놀이터

As a leader, he won the team’s first gold medal in the bowling event at the ’79th National Sports Festival’, and was also honored to be appointed as the coach of the youth national team for the first time as a member from Gangwon-do. In the ’46th National Youth Sports Festival,’ Hyun Executive Director, who won the first gold medal in the bowling event in Gangwon-do, said, “I am deeply moved that I can give dreams and hopes to junior leaders and Gangwon-do bowling juniors, and I am proud of myself as a native of the province.” I feel proud,” he said. “I will do my best to promote national prestige with excellent results at the Asian Youth Championships.”

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