It was Park Byung-ho (37-KT Wiz). He quickly recovered from his injury and hit the ground running upon his return.

In the third week of May, Park batted .455 (10-for-22) with 16 runs, five doubles and five RBIs in six games. He also had a good on-base percentage (.520) and slugging percentage (.727) for a combined OPS of 1,247.

Ranked second in batting average and tied for first in hits per week. Joa Pharmaceuticals and Daily Sports named Park Byung-ho the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the third week of May. “I’m happy to receive such a good award,” Park said, “I’m sorry that I was out with an injury when the team was in a difficult situation, but I’m glad that I came back quickly, and it feels good to receive an award.

Monstrous resilience메이저놀이터

Park suffered a hamstring strain during a match on the 29th of last month and was sidelined for ten days. He was initially diagnosed with a hamstring injury that would take three weeks to recover from, but a second opinion revealed that he needed 10 days due to a ‘micro-injury’. Park returned to training and built up his body faster than that. Park has always been known for his monstrous resilience, and this time was no different.

“Fortunately, I was able to come back quickly because I was injured in an area that takes a long time (to recover),” he said, adding, “There were some people who said it was impossible to come back early because it was a hamstring, but I know my body better, so I thought I could play at this level, so I prepared for it early.”

After returning from injury, Park appeared in three games as a pinch-hitter before returning to the lineup in the third week of May. He broke the team’s losing streak with a three-hit blast against the LG Twins on the 16th, then rejuvenated the batting order with a four-game hitting streak until the 19th against the Doosan Bears. Against Doosan on the 21st, he had a three-hit game to help the team to victory, his first winning series in a month.

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