‘Super Agent’ Scott Boras’ ‘Ojirap’ is the best ever.

He is called an ‘angel agent’ because he pays astronomical ransom to his customers, but clubs call him ‘the devil’s agent’.

In return, Boras also takes an astronomical commission. In particular, he reacts very sensitively to issues regarding clients who are about to sign large-scale free agent contracts.

Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers recently played against his team for the first time in a Chicago Cubs uniform.

Dodgers fans gave him a standing ovation as he stepped to the plate. Bellinger entered slowly and enjoyed the welcome of the Dodgers fans. However, referee Jim Wolff declared Bellinger a pitch clock violation. This is because Bellinger did not finish preparing to hit until 8 seconds were left. An automatic strike was awarded to Bellinger.

Boras was furious at this. Usually, in matches against former teams, I spend some flexible time in consideration of the player in question.

Boras called MLB directly to protest.

It showed a sensitive reaction to Bellinger’s sexuality. This is because he can hit the jackpot only when his performance this season is good. 메이저사이트

However, it turned out that Boras was wrong and protested. He should have asked in advance to give the player more time. In Bellinger’s case, he did that to nobody else. The referee just played by the rules.

Boras was upset again when pitcher Max Scherzer, the highest paid player this season, was ejected by the umpire for allegedly using a foreign substance.

He argued that an objective and clear criterion that a pitcher had used a foreign substance was needed, and that available scientific methods should be used. It means that experts, not referees, should decide whether to use foreign substances.

This also seems to have reacted sensitively because of financial interests. If Schurzer is suspended from business trips, he may have been concerned that his annual salary would be cut by that period, and as a result, the commission he would collect would also be reduced.

It is more likely that this is because they have an opt-out event in mind after this season. If Scherzer doesn’t appear in 10 games due to disciplinary action, he will miss two appearances. This can work against you in ransom negotiations.

In addition to this, Boras is fighting every case, such as demanding the Major League Secretariat to amend the rules in favor of customers. Because of money.

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