When a new player enters the NBA, he signs a rookie scale contract. First-round picks usually sign two-year contracts. After the two years are over, the contract is renewed annually through a team option (an option that determines whether the team retains the player or releases it as a free agent). In other words, a rookie scale contract can be 4 years in total.먹튀검증

If your status is released as a restricted free agent, you can sign a maximum contract, but the amount is fixed on an annual basis in accordance with the labor-management agreement in the NBA. The maximum annual salary that a player with less than 7 seasons can receive is 25% of the total salary cap, and the contract period is 4 years. However, the original club may offer a 5-year contract period.

However, it is a bit harsh for a powerful superstar to accept these conditions. That’s why it’s an exception. ▶ Selected as an All-NBA Team twice ▶ Selected as an NBA All-Star twice ▶ Selected as an MVP once in the regular season If one of the three conditions is met, the maximum annual salary is 30% of the total salary cap and the contract period is extended to 5 years. It’s the Derrick Rose rule. Rose, who was the absolute ace of the Chicago Bulls, was selected as the regular league MVP in the third year and was able to sign a five-year maximum contract.

The Minnesota Timberwolves signed ace Anthony Edwards to a five-year, full-max contract. The contract period is the same at 5 years, but the annual salary is dualized.

ESPN reported on the 4th (Korean time) that Minnesota has agreed to a full max contract with Edwards for 5 years and up to $260 million.

Edwards is the 1st pick in the 2020 draft by Minnesota. He played three seasons, and Minnesota offered a five-year contract because it was his original team. Here he suggested full max. However, if Edwards meets the Rose Rule, he can receive 30% of the total salary cap as an annual salary. Because of this, he becomes up to $ 260 million.

Last season, Edwards was Minnesota’s ace. Edwards, who trained in hell during the off-season, continued to grow and led Minnesota to the playoffs.

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