Mack McClung (24, Philadelphia 76ers) had the best day ever.

McClung won the first ever second division championship in the dunk contest held on the eve of the 2023 All-Star Game on the 19th.메이저놀이터

On this day, McClung was paid one million dollars (about 1.2 billion won) as his winning prize. That’s close to the total annual salary McClung earned during his NBA career. He has received 1.6 million dollars (about 2 billion won) as the minimum guaranteed amount while playing in the NBA so far.

Previously, McClung showed off a splendid show from the first round of qualifying. After jumping over the person riding the wooden horse and snatching the ball, he hit the backboard and put in a reverse dunk.

In the final round, he exploded a back dunk followed by a double clutch twice in a row and performed a reverse dunk while spinning 540 degrees. Unsurprisingly, McClung earned a perfect score of 50.

On top of that, his opponent, Troy Murphy III, also made a series of great dunks, so the atmosphere on the eve of the All-Star Game heated up.

McClung is a 188 cm short guard and a white player. It has been 27 years since a white man has won the NBA All-Star Game dunk contest, and it is the first time for a player in the G League.

Above all, he splendidly revived the slam dunk contest, which was ruined last year. Praise from former and current legends such as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Stephen Curry, who watched his performance, continued. In addition, the NBA recorded 5.2 billion views for the first time in history, and even obtained a box office hit.

Meanwhile, the main match of the 2023 All-Star Game will be played as Team LeBron vs Team Giannis.

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