Manchester United want to finalize the signing of Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane as soon as possible.

British outlet The Guardian reported on Friday (Aug. 25) that the Red Devils want to move forward with the signing of Kane without delay.

The Red Devils are looking to add more strikers in the upcoming summer transfer window. After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo (Alnasr), they are in need of a striker to pair with Marcus Rashford. They loaned out Boutinho in the winter transfer window, but he’s struggling.

Tottenham striker Kane, whom United have followed closely for years, Victor Osimhen, who led Napoli to the Italian Serie A title, and Atalanta’s big striker prospect Rasmus Höjlund are said to be the main targets, with Kane being United’s favorite. Osimhen has no experience in the English Premier League (EPL), and his estimated transfer fee is very high. Napoli are expected to ask for more than 150 million euros ($219 million). Huilun was only born in 2003, so there is a view that he is not experienced enough to be a first-choice striker right away.스포츠토토

Kane, on the other hand, is a proven performer in England. He has 211 goals and 46 assists in 319 EPL games and is a three-time league top scorer. He’s been overshadowed by Manchester City’s monster striker Elling Holland, who leads the league in goals with 36, but he’s also been in fine form this season with 28 goals and three assists in 37 games. His transfer fee is also expected to be lower than Osimhen’s. Kane’s contract with Tottenham expires in June 2024, a year from now.

The problem is negotiating with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy. Levy has a reputation for steering negotiations in the club’s favor, even if it takes a long time. After spending a long time trying to sign Barcelona midfielder Franck Dier last season and failing to land him, Spurs are not planning to spend the entire transfer window on one player this summer. According to The Guardian, “United will test Levy’s attitude. They are wary of negotiations dragging on for too long. They do not want to chase Kane all summer.”

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