“He generously informs us of his know-how.”

The reason why the Lotte Giants recruited free agent catcher Yoo Kang-nam for 8 billion won in 4 years ahead of this season was to overcome the situation where there was no clear starting catcher right away. Trying to stabilize the pitching staff with unrivaled framing ability is in line with the primary purpose of recruiting the main catcher.

However, the 8 billion won given to Yoo Kang-nam included playing the role of a ‘senior catcher’ who could see and learn, which he hadn’t had for five years since Kang Min-ho (Samsung) left. It was natural to expect the ability of the hostess. In addition, Yoo Gang-nam played a significant role in the growth of future masters. Lotte had no senior catchers to learn from, so the growth of young catchers was slow. It was not proportional to his growth when he blindly entered the game with the mindset of ‘heading on the ground’ and accumulated experience points. Even if it’s not the correct answer, the existence of a senior catcher who can provide answers and explain it could be the most important part of Lotte club’s long-term management direction.카지노사이트

It was the recruitment of Yoo Kang-nam, who not only played a role as the main catcher, but also considered the time to design the future hostess. Even if the batting performance does not meet expectations right away, it is being confirmed why Lotte recruited Yoo Kang-nam at other points.

Lotte finished the first half with the starter Yu Kang-nam and backup Son Seong-bin. Son Seong-bin, who joined the first team immediately after being discharged from the Armed Forces Sports Corps (Sangmu) this year as a promising catcher nominated for the first time in 2021, is already drawing attention from all baseball officials. Based on his throwing ability, which is one of the best in the major leagues, he is showing off a 100% stealing rate (4 stolen base attempts / 4 interceptions).

The fact that it has one definite strength is enough to deserve attention. However, Son Seong-bin himself and the coaching staff are trying to identify and supplement the shortcomings. Battery coach Choi Kyung-cheol, who was appointed ahead of this season, watched and watched Son Seong-bin’s starting games in his ‘late years’ this year. He explained, “The original ability is good, and as I played a lot of games in Sangmu, my stealing rate improved. As a result, I gained confidence and I think I can play better without being nervous when playing games.”

His talent was recognized and confirmed. Nevertheless, in Coach Choi’s eyes, there are still areas that are lacking. “First of all, you have to improve on catching the ball. The basic framing skills are a bit disappointing. To complement this skill, you can get much better,” he says.

Son Seong-bin lowered himself. He said, “I’m lacking in everything. There’s only a lacking part.” They give me carrots and sticks,” he explained.

Still, coach Choi highly appreciates Son Seong-bin’s attitude. He said with satisfaction, “I go out once a week, and it’s great to see them smile and smirk.”

Coach Choi thinks that this smirk personality is doubling the synergy and chemistry with Yoo Kang-nam. He said, “(Yu) Gangnam is a good catcher. Blocking, framing, pitching and lead are all good catchers. Looking at Gangnam, (Son) Seongbin would also like to draw an image of ‘I have to do that too'”, he said. “Because there are good catchers. Sungbin’s growth can also be accelerated. I am so grateful that Gangnam is leading Sungbin well and is strong.”

Son Seong-bin also believes in the appearance of a great senior who generously passes on his know-how and tries to follow it. He said, “In fact, I watched baseball without thinking. But after I was discharged from the military, I started watching baseball after hearing the advice of coach Choi Gyeong-cheol and Gangnam hyung. “When I go to a game, Kangnam hyung applauds me a lot and compliments me on how well I did. And he buys me food and gives me advice that is easy to understand. Gangnam hyung generously imparts his know-how.” He expressed his gratitude toward his senior.

Mentoring can be expensive. However, we have to think about the time Lotte wasted in the meantime due to the catcher problem. If you think that it helps to stabilize the current catcher and set up a plan for the next 10 years, this cost will never be wasted.

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