Toni Kroos is expected to renew his contract with Real Madrid.

Spain’Marca’ said, “Kross will accompany Real Madrid for one more season. Cross, who joined Real Madrid in 2014, extended his contract until June 2024, allowing him to wear the Real uniform for 10 years. Kroos’ decision was delayed because he wanted to make sure he could contribute his skills to the team. This decision by Kroos is a decision that makes everyone happy.”

Kroos is a living legend at Real Madrid. Since joining Real, he has been responsible for the team’s midfield and has won a number of championships. . He is a cross who has earned the nickname ‘Professor’ for his sophisticated passing and game coordination ability, which he attempts regardless of distance. 먹튀검증

His love for his team was also great. Kroos has previously spoken about his future, revealing that he will retire if he does not renew his contract with Real Madrid. ‘Marca’ also said, “Cross refused to renew the contract a year ago, but since then he has not tried to transfer to another team. Cross’ attitude was clear. He was only considering the option of staying at Real or retiring from active duty.” explained.

In addition, ‘Marca’ said, “From the beginning of joining Real Madrid, Kroos understood what kind of team Real Madrid was and what symbolism Real Madrid had. Thanks to these actions, Kroos is receiving recognition and respect from the club officials,” he praised Kroos’ attitude.

Cross is expected to focus on nurturing his successor. Real Madrid is slowly planning a midfield generational change. After already signing Eduardo Camavinga and Aurelien Chuameni, they are also targeting Jude Bellingham. Kroos is a player who can pass on his experience to younger players as Real prepares for a generational change. Kroos’ renewal is expected to be a ‘win-win’ contract for both the player himself and Real Madrid.

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