In the first half of the 2023 professional baseball regular league, which ended on the 13th, the glory of A+ grades went to the LG Twins.

LG caught both rabbits in terms of performance and box office success with the powerful attack of the starting lineup and ‘running baseball’, and as of the 12th, it is running first with 49 wins, 2 draws and 30 losses.

Under the new coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, LG has built a stable power that does not fall outside of the 3rd place in monthly winning rate thanks to the power of an explosive bat, even though the power of the winning team was less than last year.바카라

In particular, LG led its rival SSG with a record of 6 wins and 2 losses, extending the 1st and 2nd place to 2.5 games.

Second-place SSG, whose starting lineup was not as good as last year despite a strong bullpen, demonstrated the potential of the winning team and produced enough results to receive an A grade. Noh Kyung-eun, Koh Hyo-jun, the inexplicable combination of the unlucky Seung-gye Tujo and the closer Seo Jin-yong played an active part as the bullpen’s triumvirate.

The Doosan Bears, led by coach Lee Seung-yeop, who failed to make it to the semifinals and then won 9 consecutive victories in 5 years and 1 month starting in July and got out of the middle-ranking matchup, also got an A grade report card in their hands.

After re-recruiting Brandon Waddell, who played last year, in late June, Doosan, which has found stability in the starting lineup, has even revived its offensive power to rise to a stable third place. During the 9-game winning streak, he gained the power to overturn it to the point of winning 4 come-from-behind wins.

Kiwoom Heroes, who finished runner-up in the Korean Series last year, stayed with a D grade.

There were widespread expectations that he would continue last year’s rise this year and fight at the top, but he was pushed back to the middle rank after never being in the top 5 in terms of monthly win rate.

The team pitching index is not that bad, but the aftermath of the struggle is so great that 8 wins are not enough in the 50% win rate for the two months of April and May, the beginning of the season. In June, with 14 wins, 2 draws, and 9 losses, he had a good business in the first three months, but recently suffered 6 consecutive losses and fell to 9th place.

Coach Park Jin-man’s Samsung Lions was disgraced with an F grade.

Even if it wasn’t a candidate for the top 5, the result of ‘last place’ came as a shock to fans who expected a changed Samsung.

As indicated by the lowest team ERA (4.60) and ninth team batting average (0.251), Samsung stayed at the bottom of the batting average.

Samsung gave away 24 losses, almost half of the total number of losses (49 losses) in the season. This is the highest among the 10 teams.

Bullpen hunting is a common thing Kiwoom and Samsung experience throughout the season.

Samsung sent veteran infielder Lee Won-seok to Kiwoom and brought in right-hander Kim Tae-hoon to strengthen the bullpen, but the general consensus is that the effect was insignificant.

In the phase where the composition of 1 out of 7 in the second round has been solidified, the grades of the remaining teams are likely to come out properly only after the season is over.

However, the 8th place Hanwha Eagles, who replaced the manager and foreign players in turn and changed the team color, raises expectations just by getting out of the bottom where they stayed for 3 years.

Hanwha, which reproduced 8 consecutive victories in 18 years, brought smiles back to the faces of ‘care fans’ by chasing the tied 4th place NC Dinos and Lotte Giants by 3 games.

Since its inception, April Lotte Giants (14 wins, 8 losses), May LG (16 wins, 1 draw, 6 losses), June kt wiz (15 wins, 8 losses), and July Doosan (9 wins, undefeated) rank first in monthly win rate. occupied

The fierce battle of 10 clubs to overturn the charter with a single rebound continues in the second half.

Eight clubs, excluding LG and NC, changed foreign players and made up for the lack of trade by throwing a game in ‘fall baseball’.

Sanchez (28), the new foreign pitcher of the KIA Tigers, is cheering at the 2023 professional baseball kt wiz and visiting game held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 9th. [Provided by KIA Tigers. Redistribution and DB prohibited]

Among them, the second half of the 6th place KIA Tigers, who made a new last-minute foreigner one-two punch in the first half and solved the problem of the main catcher, 6th in a row, draws extraordinary attention.

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